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Knight Shift at the Ren Faire

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I do a lot of Ren Faire photos and the joust is one of my favorite subjects.

Here's a shot from the Washington Midsummer Ren Faire. In this shot, brave knight Kristofer Kody, representing England, greets the Queen at the the opening of the joust.

Some Nor Cal Raptors
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Hi All, Bill invited me to joint the forum, so thought I would introduce msyelf with a few raptor shots. I currently live in the SF Bay Area, but got started in photography way back when I lived in Tacoma and Puyallup. I currently shoot wildlife primarily with a Sony A9/A7R4, combo, but sometimes sneak in a shot using my Fuji X-T3.

White-tailed Kite
White-tailed Kite 149
by lennycarl08, on Flickr

Osprey doing some construction

The Heavy Lifter
by lennycarl08, on Flickr

Eagle on frozen over lake (Tule Lake, CA)
Eagle on Frozen Lake
by lennycarl08, on Flickr
Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2020
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My first time out in ages. I was getting cabin fever and asked my wife drive Daren and me down to the marsh on Valentine's Day (2-14-2020).

The herons paid no particular attention to me.


Wesley, on the other hand, wondered where I had been.

Hummingbird Nest at my Front Door
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So this mom decided that the light-cord over my entryway would make the perfect home
New Tenants!
by lennycarl08, on Flickr

And she dutifully sat on the clutch of 2 eggs
Mama in the Nest
by lennycarl08, on Flickr

And we were very lucky to find two hungry babies the other morning

We're Hungry!
by lennycarl08, on Flickr

Now mom stays away from the nest except for feeding time as to not attract any predators. They grow quickly so won't be around but a few weeks before they will learn to fly and eventually leave. For now I have something fun to watch while I...

Eaglet ( Smith Island )

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Some pictures of the eaglet taken a last week. I was at the nest sight just at sunrise. R.J


Swift action from FAA, US Navy follows Detroit Blue Angels drone incident

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Earlier this week, the Blue Angels flew over Detroit, Michigan, to honor frontline workers. There wasn't a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in place but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) always issues a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) whenever a major event involving manned aircraft is planned. One remote pilot decided to fly his drone dangerously close to the fleet and is now in trouble with the FAA, U.S. Navy, and local authorities.

The drone community was outraged, as well. One individual who felt their wrath, for simply re-posting footage that wasn't his, is Vic Moss of Moss Photography. 'My take is that those people who are so vitriolic to me did so out of passion for the industry. While I most certainly did not appreciate it, and its caused no end up exasperation to me, it was all done out of passion for the industry,' Moss tells DPReview of the thousands of threats and...

Bald Eagle at Big Beef Creek

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Taken in 2018, back when you could actually go places and do stuff. ;)

Bald Eagle at Big Beef Creek


Black-crowned night heron

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Got this little fellow at McNary Wildlife Refuge over near the tri-cities yesterday... First time I'd had an opportunity to see and photograph one, so I was pretty excited! We had just arrived, and hadn't even had time to park when we saw it... stopped in the middle of the road and snapped some pics. I shot these from the passenger seat, through the driver's side window... LOL!


Birds in Nebraska and Iowa
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I was encouraged by Bill to post some more pictures from Nebraska, since it's 2 years from this post. Here some of our local birds and some on their way somewhere else. Cormorants at Memphis (NE) State Recreation Area. Eagles in flooded area along interstate 29 in Iowa. Turkey Vultures just across the wide Missouri River in Iowa.

Cardinal in Snow_3_041620.JPG
Female Cardinal_032020.JPG
Not Social Distance.JPG

Watch the Amazing Animals that Cross a Log Bridge During a Year's Worth of Trail Camera Footage

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The incredible viral video has made the rounds of various websites in the past week, but if you haven't checked it out already (and even if you have), it's definitely worth watching. The video, captured by wildlife photographer Robert Bush Sr, is comprised of a year's worth of trail camera footage that has been edited down intoto one mesmerizing clip.

Mon, 03/02/2020
Shutterbug Staff

Great Bear Rainforest 2019

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I finally got images from my last tour of the year online. In this case, it was my September Great Bear Rainforest tour. For those not familiar with the Great Bear, it's a region of coastal British Columbia that is most famous as the primary home of the spirit bear. But there are black bears, grizzlies and loads of other wildlife... combined with some spectacular scenery.

For this tour we live on a boat for a week-and-a-half and cruise around the islands and inlets looking for wildlife. It's a very fun trip.

See the full gallery of 100 new photos from this trip here. A short preview is below.

A chubby black bear heading back to a creek for more salmon.

Juvenile Bald Eagle taking off in the rainforest.

Bonaparte's Gull

A male grizzly bear that went exactly where we asked...
Edmonds Backyard Critters
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I am always glad to see a native Douglas's squirrel in our back yard. Two of them were (quite appropriately) in two of our backyard Douglas's firs Thursday (9-14-18).

Squirrel #1.


Squirrel #2




My and my neighbors backyard fences form a squirrel freeway to Pine Ridge Park, home to many of these small squirrels, which are native to the aera. The larger, more common squirrels are eastern grays, which are an introduced/invasive species.

San Juan Island Foxes

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I led a short tour for a client last week up in the San Juans. We found plenty of wildlife, including the multicolored red foxes up there. They're such beauties, with orange, black and silver coats (they even come in brown, but we didn't see any of those).

I've uploaded a new photo gallery featuring the fox encounters to my website. Here's a short preview:







See the full San Juan Island fox gallery here.


7 5 2014 Sunset

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A very short trip to Montana but I did manage to get a sunset shot. (ok - maybe several shots that night. LOL)


A Couple More Dragons...

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I was playing with my D7000 and 70-300VR again today and came up with these. I hope you like them. Thanks for looking