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  1. Digital Latte

    what a busy summer

    All excellent images!!! nice work !!!
  2. Digital Latte

    Paradise evening

    another wonderful shot, love it
  3. Digital Latte

    Spirit of Boise Balloon festival

    cool pics, I want to shoot some hot air balloons
  4. Digital Latte

    Headlight Basin/ Lake Ingalls

    awesome pics, thanks for sharing !!!!!!!
  5. Digital Latte

    Hello fellow photog enthusiasts!

    welcome to the forum
  6. Digital Latte

    maternity shoot

    job well done
  7. Digital Latte

    Purchasing a new Canon Lens??? Help???

    Out of the three you have listed, I would go with the 70-200 I have played with the 100-400 and like Nina wished it was a little wider and 2.8 through the range We love our 70-200, it is one of few that I would NEVER get rid of
  8. Digital Latte

    July In Central Montana

    great images....fantastic
  9. Digital Latte

    Butcher Bird

    nice...i like #2 best
  10. Digital Latte

    Greetings from Creswell, Oregon

    welcome to the forum, just north of you a little in Eugene :)
  11. Digital Latte

    Hurricane Ridge

    i love #2, fantastic
  12. Digital Latte

    More Wheat...

    Fantastic image !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it
  13. Digital Latte

    New photographer on board

    Welcome to the forum
  14. Digital Latte

    Awwww... (warning! graphic cuteness!)

    like EJ, I love the last one, but they are all great !!! nice work
  15. Digital Latte

    Hellooo friends...."Landrew loves you..." (sorry, Star Trek reference)

    your doing well for " barely have figured out how to turn the damn thing on!"
  16. Digital Latte

    Hellooo friends...."Landrew loves you..." (sorry, Star Trek reference)

    you have some fantastic photos, thanks for sharing
  17. Digital Latte

    So a Beetle and a Chipmunk walk into a bar

    Christina I LOVE that first image WOW, the colors are fantastic, nice and sharp, great composition and great nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Digital Latte

    HOLY SMOKES...Tried some portrait work =O

    good job for having the initiative to jump into action. I was going to make the same comment about the window, you went to a great light source, but should have turned it around... check this out
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