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  1. Digital Latte

    Newport Oregon - YAQUINA

    Took this shot mid day at the "YAQUINA HEAD OUTSTANDING NATURAL AREA" in Newport, Oregon stacked a ND filter and circular polarizer
  2. Digital Latte

    Wayne L. Morse Courthouse - Eugene

    Here is an image from a personal project Tracy is working on......
  3. Digital Latte

    Kirsten **Pictures**

    Kids are so much fun to shoot !!! Here are a few from an impromptu shoot we did in our tiny living room.... goes to show...anything is possible with a little imagination ;) Enjoy
  4. Digital Latte

    Abandoned Building shoot

    Here are a few keepers from the shoot we did at the abandoned building, a HUGE thanks to Hoedadkid for all his help and ideas at the shoot!! Much thanks friend More images will be posted on our upcoming blog entry.......soon :) 1 2 3 4 5 6
  5. Digital Latte

    H2 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Pictures*

    Had fun shooting some drips and drops yesterday, thought we would share :)
  6. Digital Latte

    Found our next photo session location !!! Can't wait

    We stumbled upon this location and will be shooting a portrait session here REALLY soon, We can't wait !!!!!!!!!! Whatcha Think
  7. Digital Latte

    Cherry Blossoms in Eugene

    Some recent photos :)
  8. Digital Latte

    If You Like Dogs, This Photoshoot Is For You

    found on one of my favorite sites, fstoppers Gallery of shots
  9. Digital Latte

    A Church - HDR

    Looked like an interesting subject to practice some more HDR
  10. Digital Latte

    The Car Shoot

    Had a great time shooting a Chrysler 300 today.... huge Duck fan, can you tell? :-) (was only going for the rolling shot today) Which image do you like best? least? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Thanks for look'n
  11. Digital Latte

    Tractor HDR

    still trying to learn this HDR stuff, each keeper gets better IMO, thoughts?
  12. Digital Latte

    Salem, Oregon HDR

    trying some more HDR stuff...... Which one do you like best? #1 #2 #3
  13. Digital Latte

    Digital Latte's 2010 favorite

    Here is our 2010 favorite portraits, some are clients, others are creative works for ourself. Thanks for looking and have a great 2011 everyone
  14. Digital Latte

    Downtown Springfield

    Went for a walk in downtown Springfield, Here is what we came home with
  15. Digital Latte

    Warning: I am not a bird shooter at all

    But after driving around looking for inspiration this COLD COLD afternoon, I saw a large amount of Geese (and other) and had to play Here are the images I walked away with
  16. Digital Latte

    A few from today

    Out messing around, here are a couple from today... Thoughts always welcome
  17. Digital Latte

    Today's stab at HDR

    Okay, last HDR post for a bit. I want to incorporate off camera lighting and HDR for my next setup... once I get that figure out I will post some of those. Here is another "Old Car" HDR from today
  18. Digital Latte

    Another high dynamic image

    trying not to cook these to much in post, and yes I need to clean my sensor
  19. Digital Latte

    Trying to learn some HDR

    I love the idea, but never have tried it very seriously....... Here is a truck we shot today
  20. Digital Latte

    A Video for NinaS

    Saw this, thought of NinaS, had to post it n0mUqtXnNSQ
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