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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Snoqualmie Falls'

    I like it!
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Peligac cormorant'

    You must have worked to get this shot.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Me and My Shadow'

    It took a moment to process what I was seeing there.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Northwest Trek'

    Good shot. I hope you had a long lense for that one
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Northwest Trek'

    Good shot!
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Agility Pictures'

    Nice catch! The good boy is in good focus on the soft background. Jumps at you.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Hummer Guard'

    Interesting idea and good workmanship.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Still Moving'

    Terrific shot.. You have the eyes looking at the observer, nice fluid composition, and nice sharp image.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'Arch Rock Or State Park South Coast'

    Really nice, You captured the light going through the arch, the far details blend nicely into providing a nice background for the closer, foreground details, enhancing the perspective. Thing of beauty.
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    Comment by 'abear' in media 'S. Sin'

    Nice picture. Lovely model.
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    Knight Shift at the Ren Faire

    Thing of beauty!
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    Eagles and chick

    The male is shifting the position of a fish carcass he brought earlier. If you look carefully at his left, raised foot you can see the stub where his talon was.
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    Eagles and chick

    The male also has a talon missing with a healed stump on its left foot.
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    Eagles and chick

    The male, a scarred up warrior has part of its lower bill missing.
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    Eagles and chick

    The chick poking out from under the female
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    Eagles and chick

    Another shot of the chick
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    Edmonds Backyard Critters

    Sorry. I messed up. This was a reply to Bob Anderson's mystery squirrel post some time back.
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    Edmonds Backyard Critters

    We have Red Squirrels on vancouver Island. They are similar to the Dougs except have light grey to white underparts instead of the gold on the Dougs. The tail on the Red is also a bit redder than the Dougs I believe. Apparently they can interbreed too, so maybe a hybrid?
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    Eagles and chick

    Another picture of the chick. This time closer to fledging.
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