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    Behind The Shot: Arctic Breeze

    Your Greenland expedition photography tale was amazing!
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    CP Grain on the UP

    Excellent job with the trains; I hope to see more!
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    The example I have provided below connects to the heart of what I am talking about here. You'll...

    The example I have provided below connects to the heart of what I am talking about here. You'll learn without having to go through all of the efforts in this quick lesson. Would you guys say that's accurate?
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    Back Yard Birds

    Beautiful bird!! I like listening to the birds sing.
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    Great Blue Herons

    I'm impressed by your job so much. One of my favourite birds is the Blue Herons. They fly slowly enough to be followed, and they're big enough to look good from a distance.
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    Ring-Necked Duck

    This is a great collection. It appears to be very busy in the tiny picture, but I like it in the download. It seems that you had a great day!
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    Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Working with Layers in Photoshop (VIDEO)

    This is just incredible This is an outstanding form of lesson Layers in Photoshop. There is a lot of useful material available at no expense and great knowledge transfer. The way of teaching, sense of...
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    Spring 2021

    Nice work, Ricky and some great advice for people starting And really sorry for your loss. Cracking birds, especially in a setting like eagles, shift into there spring mating rituals., nice one all the best!
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    Howdy from newbie

    Trust and have confidence. I may not like my pictures; sometimes, we learn something different. We all learn something new. Just like someone said, "practice makes perfect; we all started somewhere".
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    Hummingbird Nest at my Front Door

    You have done well, and the Nest is excellent a lot of the photos I see on the topic! I like the Nest on the light-cord first one, and the sharpness of the other photographs are great too. Thanks for sharing them.
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    Birds of Woodway, WA 2020

    All good shots here, but the 1st one is excellent!! The little Purple Finch is one of my favorites. This kind of photograph was the very first one I ever saw, just last year (I don't remember where I saw). Thanks for the images of birds!
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