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  1. Photokats

    Comment by 'Photokats' in media 'The Bridge To Nowhere'

    Fantastic shot!!
  2. Northwest Trek

    Northwest Trek

    First time seeing this Moose.. pretty cool!
  3. Northwest Trek

    Northwest Trek

    Bighorn Sheep
  4. Northwest Trek

    Northwest Trek

    Black Bear
  5. Northwest Trek

    Northwest Trek

    We were treated with seeing the baby bison!
  6. Photokats

    Space Needle Photos being used for PSA in Japan

    Congrats to you.. that is just awesome! I love your shots!
  7. Photokats

    Comment by 'Photokats' in media 'Sawtooth Mountains'

    Fabulous!!!! Love the reflections and the boat in the photo..
  8. Deep Lake at Nolte State Park

    Deep Lake at Nolte State Park

    What a great lake for reflections!! This is located just outside of Enumclaw. There is a great walking trail around the lake, covered area for picnics, climbing toy for the kids. Beautiful place!
  9. Stormy Ruby Beach

    Stormy Ruby Beach

    Rain and wind and alot of people greeted us at Ruby Beach.
  10. Olympic Mountains

    Olympic Mountains

    We were so fortunate on our trip to Hurricane Ridge. The fog was so thick on our way up and we found this trail where we captured this shot.
  11. Lake Crescent

    Lake Crescent

    Lake Crescent is in the Olympic National Park. Taken at the Lodge.
  12. Falls at Mount Rainier

    Falls at Mount Rainier

    Took this shot 13 days after the first photo I loaded..
  13. falls_mount_rainier


    Falls at Mount Rainier
  14. Photokats

    Fisherman's Light before the Storm

    That shot just screams HDR to me.. awesome shot!
  15. Photokats

    Comment by 'Photokats' in media 'The Blue Carpet'

    WOW.. this is so cool looking!!! Love it!
  16. Photokats

    Veterans Park Buckley, WA

    That Memorial was just put up in the last year. They just finished it recently. We drove by there quite alot and watched it grow. I should go by there again and try my hand at it again.
  17. Photokats

    Nisqually NWR's Boardwalk

    Thanks for all the info Bob! Now I know what to look forward to when we go visit there! I am excited!
  18. Photokats

    Hello from Spanaway, Washington!

    Oh, how wonderful! Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will definitely be checking them all out!! I am really excited now! :) Kathy
  19. Old Gallery

    Old Gallery

    As we were driving towards Mount Rainier, spotted this building along side of the road. Made my hubby stop so I could get this pic..
  20. Photokats

    Hello from Spanaway, Washington!

    My name is Kathy and I am a self taught photographer so yeah, I still have alot to learn! lol We just moved from Enumclaw, so there are gong to be alot of places in the Tacoma area that I need to search out for good photo ops! If anyone takes day trips for small shoots, I am interested! Thank...
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