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    Great Blue Heron at the Edmonds pier.

    I went down to the waterfront to check for our celebrity gull (no luck) and found this GBH. I haven't taken a photo of a Great Blue Heron in quite a while but was glad I stopped to shoot this guy.
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    STGU at Point Wells

    Nice shot Rocky. Glad you were able to get out there. I guess the hike down the beach is kinda rough but looks like it is worth it.
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    Swallow-tailed Gull at Carkeek Park

    A Swallow-tailed Gull was found this morning by Ryan Merrill at Carkeek Park. This is an extremely rare gull with only two other sightings in the ABA area (California) and the first ever sighting in Washington. I rushed down to see it and managed a few poor shots in the fog and rain.
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    Swamp Sparrow at Lake Union Park

    I went to Lake Union Park searching for a Swamp Sparrow which has been hanging out there. Although Swamp Sparrow is a fairly common sparrow in the US overall, it is pretty rare around Seattle. It was late in the day and cloudy but the sparrow finally showed up and allowed a few shots.
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    Black Oystercatcher at Rosario Head

    Last month I ventured up to Rosario Head to try for photos of the Yellow-billed Loon. The photos of the loon in the cloudy light didn't turn out well as it was too far a way. However a Black Oystercatcher was close in and cooperative. This shot was with my 7D2 and 100-400 zoom which is a...
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    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2016

    Maybe it is just the reflected light but the eyes on this youngster look quite blue. I guess they change to black as they age-interesting shot.
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    Scriber Creek Park, Lynnwood

    I made a quick trip to Scriber Lake and Scriber Creek this morning. The first goslings have hatched out since I was here last. This pair only has 5 goslings which seems pretty small. The group often gets weeded down when they are older. I also found a few Spotted Towhees I must have...
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    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2016

    Great series Bill. I have tried for those Snipes a half dozen times without success.
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    My favorite model.

    Very nicely done.
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    Birds of the sage

    After Rocky's trip to Ellensburg I headed east in search of Sage Thrashers and Sagebrush Sparrows. I found both along the Vantage Highway just east of Kittitas. I also found other sage habitat birds including Mountain Bluebirds. This Sagebrush Sparrow was my primary target Sage Thrasher...
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    a couple from Ellensburg 3/30

    Very nice shots Rocky. I was over there yesterday myself but my Bluebird shots didn't turn out nearly so well. Good job
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    need ID

    Looks like a Common Murre in winter plumage
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    Scriber Lake Park, Lynnwood,

    I picked up a few more birds at Scriber Lake the past few days. The Pileated Woodpecker was working on lunch when a Flicker showed up. They eyed each other for a few seconds and then the Pileated rushed the smaller bird which wisely flew away. The Pileated quickly returned to feeding
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    Scriber Lake Park, Lynnwood,

    Today at Sprague's Pond a Bald Eagle flew in and scattered all the ducks and geese. He landed in the top of a pine directly across from the small parking/playground area. I readied my camera and rechecked my settings. I just knew he would try to take one of the ducks. After an hour and 15...
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    pied-bill takeoff

    Great sequence Rocky. Looks like they are walking on water trying to get airborne.
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    Road trip to Nisqually and Ridgefield NWR

    With a good two day forecast, I decided to make the drive down to Nisqually NWR. Wednesday mornings there is a guided bird walk which I really enjoyed. Then after lunch I continued south to Ridgefield NWR. Ridgefield has a wonderful four mile auto tour route which gave me great looks at many...
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    Chestnut-backed Chickadee at Carkeek Park

    This morning I birded Carkeek Park. This was my first time to visit this park. The birding was pretty slow but the highlight for me was finally getting a decent shot of a Checknut-backed Chickadee. Even though they are a very common species they usually stay well hidden in heavy cover. This...
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    Willow Creek birds

    I searched out the fish hatchery this morning and birded the trail which runs in front of the condos just above the hatchery. Nothing unusual but I did get a few shots of common birds when the sun came out for a few minutes.
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    Scriber Lake Park, Lynnwood,

    Thanks Bill-I will definitely check out those locations.
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    Scriber Lake Park, Lynnwood,

    I am fairly new to this area and don't know much history of birding at Scriber Lake. I posted the Green Heron sighting and photo on Western Washington Birding Facebook page. Another birder advised me that a pair of Green Herons nested at Sprague's Pond last year and raised two chicks. Since...
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