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  1. BobH

    COVID-19 And The National Parks: Should The Parks Be Closed?

    I love the National Parks and visit often. I’m sad they’re closed, but I understand. Nobody needs to visit a National Park. Even if you can do social distancing most of the time, you need restrooms and often a place to eat and possibly lodging. You also need people to support those facilities...
  2. BobH

    Forgot your password? It's simple to reset it!

    When we switched the site to secure, the old cookies no longer worked. That means everyone, even me, has to log in again. Once you log in, it will make a new cookie and you'll stay logged in unless you delete cookies. Can't recall your password? Click here and we'll send you a new one...
  3. BobH

    Rainbow Owl

    Loof Lirpa, the photographer, stated: "I was out shooting when this little guy flew out of a Creative Cloud. He landed on Adobe Photoshop Rocks and posed for this photo."
  4. BobH

    Rainbow Owl

    Many photographers in the Pacific Northwest have become interested in owls this year due to numerous Short Eared Owl sightings. If you're one of them, here's a new one for you. I've never even heard of this elusive creature, let alone photographed him! Anyone ever seen one in the wild? An...
  5. BobH

    Enhanced Site Security - Now Upgraded to SSL

    Glad it’s working. We never ask for any “sensitive” info, so there was no risk before. But this will reassure everyone that the connection is secure. It also helps with Google rankings. They now penalize sites that don’t hand them.
  6. BobH

    Camera Gear Sony Electronics Corporation to be Established

    I think this may have more impact than it appears. What is Sony up to? Are they splitting into three companies? Going to sell off part of the business? There's more to this story, but I don't know what it is.
  7. BobH

    Enhanced Site Security - Now Upgraded to SSL

    The site has now been upgraded to SSL. That means it is more secure. Even though we really don't collect any personal info, so there's not much of anything for anyone to hack, we felt it was time to make the change anyway. You should now see a padlock next to the URL in your browser. If you...
  8. BobH

    Douglas's Squirrels

    Nice! I have neither Douglas Squirrels or Pileated Woodpeckers. I just have the "generic" ones, Grey Squirrels and Northern Flickers. I still enjoy them though, and I also have a "squirrel freeway". It runs from a neighbor's tree to my bird feeder. The neighbor has an area of grass he...
  9. BobH

    "The Barn"

    What you can't see... This was a Saturday morning. This is one of he most cliche' shots at Grand Teton National Park. There were probably 20 photographers there capturing the scene. Amazingly, they all worked together. Nobody got in close and ruined everyone else's shot. They all just kind of...
  10. BobH

    "The Barn"

    I do, and I got it right two out of the three times. Not sure why I screwed up the first one? (Fixed it)
  11. BobH

    "The Barn"

    The second most photographed barn in Wyoming. If you know the Grand Tetons, you know about "Mormon Row". You've also undoubtedly seen photos of the "Moulton Barn". What you may not realize, if you haven't visited the site, is that there are two barns remaining. T.A. Moulton Barn, "the most...
  12. BobH

    Douglas's Squirrels

    Very cool! I only have the Greys. The Douglas are nice looking, wish I had both here too. You’re certainly right about the Greys emptying a feeder fast. I wouldn’t mind if they just ate a bit, but they rake out all the seeds searching for peanuts or the perfect sunflower seed or, well, who knows...
  13. BobH

    Nikon temporarily suspends repairs to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19

    Well dang. I have an 80-200 that needs the lens hood screws replaced and the focus switch repaired. I was just thinking "Well, doesn't look like I'll be doing much shooting any time soon, maybe I should send that in..."
  14. BobH

    15 Jokes only photographers will understand.

    That is true. This was at least 10 years ago, if not longer. It was a small town paper, and she was a cub reporter, possibly even an intern, I don't know. She seemed to be taking it serious, making notes, taking names, etc. But it was definitely low budget. I guess they were ahead of the curve.
  15. BobH

    Photo Of The Day By Denis Dessoliers

    Love this one, amazing!
  16. BobH

    15 Jokes only photographers will understand.

    A few years back, I was shooting a tractor pull and had my usual camera. The local newspaper had sent out a gal probably fresh out of college, with a notepad and a point and shoot. Now, considering it was a tractor pull, and the resulting images were going to be printed on newsprint in B&W, that...
  17. BobH

    15 Jokes only photographers will understand.

    Amazing how often you get asked that when you bring out the big lens. I always laugh, people go nuts over my Tamron 150-600. Now, don't get me wrong, it's a great lens, I love it, and use it a LOT. But... It's the second cheapest lens in my bag, at about $850. The same people who act like I'm...
  18. BobH

    Expanding our focus

    Bill, we have on advantage here. The rules prohibit religion and politics. Now, granted some of the current events are affecting photographers, and I'm willing to accept discussion of things like what does COVID-19 mean to you, as a photographer. But, I won't tolerate bashing politicians (even...
  19. BobH

    15 Jokes only photographers will understand.

    Full list here: #16: That was an amazing dinner! You must have a really nice stove.
  20. BobH

    Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wildlife & Scenery

    Wonderful images! We love Yellowstone, and have spent a week there in the fall for the last 4 years now. What an amazing place, always fascinating! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to