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  1. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wolves

    This pack has a tendency to use the roads more than other packs (they have one of the larger ranges and will sometimes travel over 30 miles in a couple days in winter), so they're more used to people. The alpha female is descended from another wolf (which I wrote about a few years back) that...
  2. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wolves

    I had four "good" wolf encounters in Yellowstone during my two week visit in January. Good being a baseline term... something I'd use if a wolf is anywhere within 200 yards or so. Three of the encounters, featuring the Wapiti Lake Pack, were actually pretty incredible. It was my best wolf trip...
  3. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wildlife & Scenery

    I'm publishing two galleries of images from my January Yellowstone adventure, which was the best winter trip I've ever taken to the park. The first gallery is comprised of all the non-wolf shots, including a few landscapes mixed in with all the animal content. You can see the full gallery of...
  4. fiznatty

    Trying to See the World In Black and White

    Thanks Bill. I enjoy playing with abstracts behind the lens, both in terms of composition and the occasional purposeful blur (I will share an example in my next Yellowstone post related to this trip). It can be fun seeing the results of experimentation in the field. Max
  5. fiznatty

    Trying to See the World In Black and White

    Sorry, not quite sure which forum category was most appropriate for this... I wrote a new article discussing my black and white photography, and how it has helped loosen me up and allowed me to explore my artistic side a bit more over the years. I used new monochrome images from my January...
  6. fiznatty

    Manitoba 2020

    Earlier this month I traveled to Manitoba in search of my first Canada lynx. Only three days on the ground, and only one of those (the coldest at -39C/-38F) was productive... but I found a cat! In total, we saw five lynx that day, but none of them posed for good photos. Got lucky with some nice...
  7. fiznatty

    Lower Klamath Basin, February 2020

    A couple weeks ago I went down to southern Oregon to participate in the 41st annual Winter Wings Festival. I gave a talk and led some field trips, so I didn't have too much time to take photos... but I snapped a few here and there. I've uploaded a small gallery on my website. A short preview is...
  8. fiznatty

    Best of 2019

    Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past twelve months. You can read more about them and see the rest here. Also, if you have a chance to check out the rest of my Year in Review content, I highly recommend seeing the post with some of my peers' favorite shots of the year. It's a nice...
  9. fiznatty

    Great Bear Rainforest 2019

    I finally got images from my last tour of the year online. In this case, it was my September Great Bear Rainforest tour. For those not familiar with the Great Bear, it's a region of coastal British Columbia that is most famous as the primary home of the spirit bear. But there are black bears...
  10. fiznatty

    Tonga 2019

    I thought I had shared these photos here, but I guess I forgot. In August, Jenn and I went to Tonga to swim with humpback whales. It's a trip I'd been planning for some time, but then was forced to reschedule from October because of the WPY stuff. The trip was a lot of fun, though going earlier...
  11. fiznatty

    Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year announcement

    For those that are interested, I wrote two articles about the WPY win, the awards experience, and the photo itself:
  12. fiznatty

    Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year announcement

    Thank you, Bill. I've just returned home from London, which was a wonderful experience. I plan to share some thoughts on the Wildlife Photographer of the Year experience and the photo in my blog soon, so maybe I'll share links to those articles here. Max (And yes, I'm pretty sure I recognized...
  13. fiznatty

    San Juan Foxes 2019

    In June I led a couple of short photo trips to the San Juan Islands, where we photographed the resident red foxes (along with some other wildlife). It was incredibly fruitful, and in five days I ended up taking more photos than I've taken on any other trip other than Tanzania this year. The...
  14. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Spring 2019

    I've finally finished processing the photos from my two week spring trip to Yellowstone. I go out at this time each year, as it's the peak of wildlife activity. This gallery covers the last week in May plus my photo tour in early June. You can see the full gallery of 157 new images in my photo...
  15. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2019 Pumas

    I think they're more tolerant and the population is much more dense due to the abundance of prey. Not to say they won't fight over a kill--that's fairly common--but we've had days when we had at least 3-4 adult or subadult cats within a mile radius before. On this trip, for example, we had the...
  16. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2019 Pumas

    It usually happens once or twice on these trips. The cats aren't interested in people, from a predatory perspective. I think in the last 40 years there's only been one human death caused by a cat down there, a fisherman who was hunched down... they think the cat was confused about what he was...
  17. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2019 Pumas

    I've published my puma photos from May's tour in southern Chile. Once again, we had numerous memorable sightings, highlighted by multiple encounters with four tiny cubs (4-5 weeks old) and their mother. You can check out the full gallery here. A short preview is below. Our first encounter with...
  18. fiznatty

    Patagonia 2019 Wildlife & Scenery

    I'm plowing through spring images, and have just finished processing photos from my tour in Patagonia in early May. I usually divide Patagonia photos into two galleries. Since I get so many puma photos down there, they usually get their own feature. This first gallery features all the non-feline...
  19. fiznatty

    Costa Rica 2019 Photos

    Bill, as you might imagine, I'm involved in a few Yellowstone communities (both online and literal, as someone who works there occasionally and has property in the area). It's pretty funny how much outrage there is over the many, many inaccuracies in that program. The one that took the cake this...
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