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  1. photographmemories

    Mr. Anna's Hummingbird

    What Bill said. You hit a home run with this shot! Chad
  2. photographmemories

    food fight! (5)

    Quite the series of photos here, Rocky. Great coverage! Impressive are the colors and sharpness you have here with the light you had to work with! Very nice!!! Inspiring work to say the least. Chad
  3. photographmemories

    just passin' through...

    That's crazy photography. How did you pull that off? Chad
  4. photographmemories

    meadowlark 1/25 - my best yet

    No doubt. Probably would make for a fine print. I love the natural contrast. Chad
  5. photographmemories

    unknown raptor

    Nice find, Rocky! Chad
  6. photographmemories

    attempted robbery

    No shame in this photo, Rocky. Sometimes the chase is better than the catch; like the man once said. Damn! Good work. Chad
  7. photographmemories

    couple of eagles from Friday

    Good honest profile shots here! I like the blue in the sky, the branches in the first shot check out too! Boy, these are some nice pics! Everything is sharp. Sharp beak, sharp talons, sharp images. Neat. Chad
  8. photographmemories

    a pair of gulls

    Excellent capture, Rocky! Chad
  9. photographmemories

    Owl Season 2015

    Nice!!!! Chad
  10. photographmemories

    Cedar Waxwings

    Looks like a good evening walk. Were you using a tripod for this? Chad
  11. photographmemories

    Cedar Waxwings

    nicely done, Joe. I like the light and colors. Chad
  12. photographmemories

    some sandpipers

    Good eye, nice light. Always fine compositions from you, Rocky. Chad
  13. photographmemories

    Snow Buntings

    Nice find, Joe! I really like the contrast with excellent detail on the second photo here. Congrats! Chad
  14. photographmemories

    Yep, Egret still back

    Niiiiice, Terry! Chad
  15. photographmemories

    egret at the marina 10/25

    Keep your shots coming. It's amazing what you guys are getting out there, some nice pics here! I think they are probably more common up there than you guys may realize. They're somewhat common in the Portland area, I see one or two a lot of times when out at popular birding areas around here...
  16. photographmemories

    Odd Left Leg on Hawk

    And that's not prey? I assume that you at least caught another glimpse of the left leg? Was this the only picture? It's fury looking. Chad
  17. photographmemories

    Great egret

    The last one is my favorite as well, Rocky. Your technique worked well on these photos. I'm surprised you guys don't see them up there more often. I've seen them all over the place here in NW Oregon. Looking at the ebird map, northern Oregon probably has 3 to 4 times more sightings; however...
  18. photographmemories

    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2015

    A vast majority of your documentary shots are perfect portrait photos! IMO You take a lot of those. Chad
  19. photographmemories

    Wildlife of Edmonds, WA. 2015

    Another fine page of excellent coverage, Bill! Chad
  20. photographmemories

    The Window

    Nice shot, Rocky. That's the Rocky Mountain Way! Chad
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