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  1. photographmemories

    8.26.15 American White Pelican @ TRNWR

    A somewhat rare occurrence for the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge; I was fortunate enough in being there to capture a few shots, it was quite a ways out. The Pelican was also reported being seen the following morning at the refuge. Chad
  2. photographmemories

    ID, Please

    This shouldn't take long with all the shorebird experts we have here... This was a quick grab shot before take off with minimal light
  3. photographmemories

    Alert: Trnwr thread has disappeared from the forum

    I just updated "The Big Year: TRNWR" Thread last night. I added some comments and four new photos. As of tonight, the thread appears to no longer exist in the forum. It's gone, I tried looking for it in search, nothing. This was a thread pertaining to the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge...
  4. photographmemories

    Red Admiral

    I've been seeing quite a few of these butterflies this spring. Here's one from a couple days ago.
  5. photographmemories


    I took these two shots of a raccoon on Sunday in SE Portland. Not the best light as it was about 5pm with the sun directly behind him. Nice little challenge for me, I like how these photos turned out. I was on a trail about 30 feet away from the tree. Chad
  6. photographmemories

    Some of my favorite photos from 2014

    What can I say? I am grateful for being able to document all of these great scenes of nature from around here during 2014!
  7. photographmemories

    Fall Color

    Post your autumn foliage pics here! Here's some of mine from the past few years George Rogers Marine Park, Lake Oswego 2012 Laurelhurst Park, October 2013 Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, September 2012 I-205 Overlook at Willamette Falls, OR 2013 Geese at a lake...
  8. photographmemories

    2014 Swan Island Dahlias

    I made it out to Swan Island Dahlias located in Canby, Oregon on Friday. Here's some photos... Chad
  9. photographmemories


    I took this photo of a nutria last week at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. Chad
  10. photographmemories

    Steller's Jay

    Took this photo in the middle of last week, in the evening light Chad
  11. photographmemories

    Green Heron

    Feel free to post some of your Green Heron pics here! These were taken on Sunday at a pond in Portland. This one's a character, interesting to watch as Scratchy spent quite a bit of time on a log preening, scratching, hunting and chasing away ducks that would wind up on the log. Here's just...
  12. photographmemories

    Grand funk railroad 7.19.14

    Rock icons GRAND FUNK RAILROAD made a stop in Albany, Oregon on Saturday night! Chad
  13. photographmemories

    Northern Pygmy Owl Vs. Lizard

    Credit for this photo goes to Jim Leonard, he posted a link to his photo on the Oregon Birders Online website. I think it's an excellent shot and I think the regulars here might appreciate it. Here's the link...
  14. photographmemories

    Great Blue Heron Vs. Fish!

    Here's some photos of a Great Blue Heron fishing last week at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Portland. I'm thinking minnow, no? Take two!
  15. photographmemories

    Common Goldeneye

    Common Goldeneye at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden This past Monday. I really lucked out and had an animated, downright daffy duck hamming it up for the camera. I took hundreds of pictures in the nearly 45 minutes it was preening, scratching and dunking itself in the water. It really put a...
  16. photographmemories

    Western Tanager

    I was surprised to see this guy in the backyard at the top of the morning on Tuesday. I grabbed my camera for a couple of grab shots. At first I thought it may be an ultra-rare for this region tropical bird. All in all I saw about a half dozen Western Tanager making their way through along with...
  17. photographmemories

    Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden 5.6.14

    I made it out to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden located in SE Portland for the first time this season on Tuesday. There's lots to see if you are into wildlife and flowers. Plenty of waterfalls like this one! Plenty of ducks too! Here's a common goldeneye Wood Ducks! In most...
  18. photographmemories

    For The Owl Folks...

    A little piece of owl trivia. Which species of owl is this one?
  19. photographmemories

    Two Eagles Gone Wild In The City!?!?

    Two male bald eagles made the News Makers Line boil over Monday in the Portland area where they took their differences into a cottonwood tree near Southeast 55th and Division before 9am. I received reports from Oregon Birders Online, a birding website where local birders can post current...
  20. photographmemories

    Black-capped Chickadee?

    I was going through a folder the other night and found myself working on an image of a bird from last April. This is a Black-capped Chickadee, no?
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