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    American Bittern

    Another near mythical bird That has eluded me. The last time I met one of these hard to find birds was 2012 at Nisqually. RJ
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    Hiding in Plain Site

    Several Wilson Snipe's enjoying the winter sunshine. From were I am standing. They disappear right into the grass. For the most part, I have been visiting my local parks and wild life refuge. the last few month's . I will post more, soon R.J
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    Townsend Warbler

    A nice little surprise while at Carkeek Park. Was there to catch the sunset and this little guy just having a great time feeding in the wet grass. R.J
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    Eagles Hunting Coots

    One of a pair of Eagles I watch and photograph . Was not expecting a show right in front and above were I was positioned. The pair were so close, I could not get them both in the same photo. Taken on the 29 of last month in the rain and very low light. Pictures crafted with canon 5DIV and...
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    Red-Tail Moment

    Good Morning Pretty decent light for winter in Puget Sound. R.J
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    Red-Tail Moment

    A nice sunny day last week. The Red Tail enjoyed the nice day also. R.J
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    Immature Bald Eagle

    Good to here from you. Just got back this beautiful day from Skagit/Fir Island. Snow Geese still arriving. Swans also, Almost perfect light. As you know, BIF has to be one of the most demanding part of photography. It has taken about a year to move from 7DII ( best camera I have ever used for...
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    Immature Bald Eagle

    Good to hear from you Bill. Cannot get any better weather for crafting pictures this time of the year. R.J
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    Immature Bald Eagle

    Hope every one is doing well. Pictures were crafted on Fir Island , Skagit. a rare Sunday Morning in Late November with no rain. Lots of fog at sunrise. This young eagle from the the pair I posted a few weeks ago having breakfast and just a few hundred feet from me. Perfect light. I don't obsess...
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    Fir Island Royalty

    This pair rules Fir Island, on the lower Skagit Valley. I don't know if there the same pair, but I have been visiting and crafting pictures of them and there offspring forever. Pictures crafted yesterday on a very rainy Sunday morning. R.J
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    Early Morning Downy

    Crafted at a very chilly Juanita Bay. R.J
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    November Dawn

    Crafted Sunday on the Skagit. Not very often you are in the Skagit in November, waiting for a sun rise and a start to a beautiful sunny day. Last Sunday was at Nisqually a frosty 26 and a stiff wind. Lessors just beginning to arrive . Stay well R.J.
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    Crafty Eagle

    Watching the Snow Geese arrive. Its mate about a half mile away watching also. R.J
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    Snow Geese arriving in a Gale

    Snow Geese arriving yesterday in a pretty strong gale. The wind and rain let up around noon and was surprising nice the rest of the day. Arrived at 6Am and left about 5Pm. Skagit , Fir Island at Wiley. I will post more pics as soon as I go thru them. These are from in the morning, Really tough...
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    October in the Skagit

    Yesterday started in the West 90 and then at the Skagit Reserve . Snow Geese just starting to arrive. Should be another great season in the Skagit. R.J
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    Eagle Moment

    Another few weeks. Nisqually will have Lessors by the thousands. Last year, the rains came late and the ponds were mostly dry, I arive at Nisqually before dawn and catch the geese still in the ponds and on a good day, flocks arriving also. I have used a tripod but too restricting. I started...
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    Eagle Moment

    A challenge to keep the shutter speed high enough to craft the picture. R.J
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    2020 Picture Collage

    2020 has been off and on a tough season. Mostly the smoke from the wild fires. The lack of accessibility to sites, Also working full time. I did manage to cross off some birds from my bucket list. Wilson Snipe, More Rail pictures. Yes, even M.R Ruby, The kinglets are either in brushy trees, or...
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    2020 Picture Collage

    2020 so far ,despite a few challenges along the way. I have managed to enjoy getting out and taking a few pictures R.J
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    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2020

    Good morning Bill mostly been working and waiting for the fall migration to begin, always take a break before the fall season. R.J
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