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  1. BobH

    Crow riding a Bald Eagle

    Crow hitches a ride on a Bald Eagle! Pacific Northwest Ubird? No? So what's really going on here? The crow is harassing the Bald Eagle to try and scare him away from the crow's favorite fishing grounds. Did it work? Well, for a few minutes it did, then the eagle came back. You may have seen a...
  2. BobH

    Bird ID Help Needed

    What kind of duck is this?
  3. BobH

    New Feature - "Featured"

    I've added a new feature, "featured discussions". We now have a new front page for the forum. I installed it last week, and never got around to finishing setting it up before the Mt Rainier Railroad announced they were closing... wait. NOT closing... OK, we're closing but we're gonna sell the...
  4. BobH

    Motion Blur

    In a reply to one of my eagles, Bill mentioned motion blur, and whether not people want to include it. I have a general rule for any kind of a "Special Effect". That is "If you use an effect, it should be obvious that it was intentional" A typical example would be shooting on an angle. A...
  5. BobH

    Bald Eagle at Big Beef Creek

    Taken in 2018, back when you could actually go places and do stuff. ;) Bald Eagle at Big Beef Creek
  6. BobH

    Drone Disguised as Hummingbird Captures Incredible Footage of Monarch Butterfly Swarm

    I totally thought this was a joke / Photoshop, but it's not! 1) That's really cool. 2) I wanna go there. 3) Where do I get a hummingbird camera drone? I can finally get good hummingbird photos...
  7. BobH

    Bull Elk, YNP

    During our annual (until this year) visit to Yellowstone in the fall, found this Bull Elk with his herd. One of his ladies was on the other side of the river, and he didn't like that idea, so he strolled over to convince her to join the rest of the herd by him. With a bit of good luck and...
  8. BobH

    Silky Stream

    Silky Stream Taken at the base of Snoqualmie Falls, a section of the river most folks ignore since they're busy looking at the falls.
  9. BobH

    The Broccoli Tree: A Parable

    The Broccoli Tree: A Parable Some thoughts on what can be lost, and what can't be, when we share what we love.
  10. BobH

    PNW Photo Gallery - Let's see your photos!

    The photo gallery section of the forum is feeling neglected. We haven't had many new photos there in months. Please consider posting a couple of your favorites there. You may wonder "How do I know where to post? The gallery or the forum?" Well, either one is fine, but here's my suggestion. If...
  11. BobH

    GoPro vs Lava

    This GoPro was swallowed by lava and lived! (Sort of)
  12. BobH

    The Darkroom - Virtual Bar and Grill

    All of my other discussion forums have an "off topic topic". A place you can just say hello, comment on the weather, talk about your current projects, and talk with your fellow forum members. You don't have to be "on topic here". Like any good bar, we have one rule. NO religion or politics...
  13. BobH

    Old Faithful by Moonlight

    On our most recent trip to Yellowstone, there was a full moon during our visit. I decided to go out and do some night photography. While on the way to my primary shot, I had an idea. I told my wife "Wonder if I can do Old Faithful and the moon?" With no internet to check the eruption time, I...
  14. BobH

    Broadening our Focus - More than just the Pacific Northwest.

    So... About that "Pacific Northwest Photography" thing. Just how strict are we about that? Well, not much at all. It's our primary topic, but all photos and photographers from any region are welcome. Here's the deal. When I started this place, everyone and their dog had a photography...
  15. BobH

    Amtrak and Mount Rainier

    May 11th, 2019. Amtrak Talgo Train with travels along the shores of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA while Mt Rainier peaks out of the clouds.
  16. BobH

    Seattle Waterfront

    September 2012, taken from a Washington State Ferry
  17. BobH

    Nikon School is now Free

    Offer extended through the end of May. They have great classes, and while some are Nikon specific (Getting to know your Nikon DLSR, Using the SB5000 flash etc), many of them are very general in nature and work no matter what gear you're using. There's no gimmick, or catch to this. Classes that...
  18. BobH

    Oregon Ren Faire Jousting

    Jousting, the Original Sport of Kings!
  19. BobH

    Active Topics - a new "What's New"

    I post a lot of blogs, the information is useful and helps the search ranking for the website. However, I realize that the regulars are often just looking for new posts from other members. So to help you find that, I've modified the "What's New" on the home page. It's now select categories...
  20. BobH

    Bald Eagle Closeup - NW Trek

    Taken deep in the forest in the foothills of Mount Rainier. I was able to sneak up on this bald eagle who was.... ... resting comfortably in the new Bald Eagle exhibit at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. The exhibit is a bit of a challenge to photograph (even when it's not closed due to Covid) as...
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