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  1. My Sister

    My Sister

  2. AlexSenechal

    Comment by 'AlexSenechal' in media 'old sign'

    Haha, I've photographed that sign before!
  3. My Sister Walking Up Stairs

    My Sister Walking Up Stairs

    at the Seattle museum of Glass- unedited by the way
  4. Glass Museum Dome

    Glass Museum Dome

  5. A Building...

    A Building...

    I love this one
  6. Backlit


  7. The Sun on The Dome

    The Sun on The Dome

    Looks like SPACE!
  8. Water Splash

    Water Splash

  9. Girl Among Flowers

    Girl Among Flowers

    I love how they appear to be falling
  10. DSC_5094


  11. Flower


    I don't Know what it is
  12. Sister


    Sniffin a Flower in Leavenworth
  13. Night Sky

    Night Sky

    Out me window
  14. Rainbow


    Looks like fire
  15. Scary Awesome Sunset

    Scary Awesome Sunset

  16. Sticks


    at my grandmas in Monroe
  17. Night


    March 17th
  18. Gig Harbor

    Gig Harbor

    A dock
  19. Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park

    I took this about a year ago, its actually about seven portrait photos strung together and cropped to get as much as possible.
  20. AlexSenechal

    Hello, from Sultan

    Hi, I am seveteen, been taking pictures on and off since I was 12. I just started being really into photography again about a week ago. I have a Nikon D200 and a 17-55mm lens. I'm hoping to save for a Nikon C-PL II next month so I should get some better landscapes on, its not my best area at all...
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