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  1. L.L. Heim.

    Trip to the Canyonlands

    My husband and I just created our ultimate travel-the-world vehicle. "Livingstone" is a 4WD Ford 550 diesel with 100 gallon tank, a pop-up camper with water filtration system and 100 gallon storage tank, and a "garage" for our motorcycle and bikes. We tried it out a few weeks along the White Rim...
  2. L.L. Heim.

    Views of the Palouse

    If you want to shoot the beautiful green rolling hills of the Palouse now is the time to come. These are a sunset shot and first morning shot with a light fog leaving the valley (from Steptoe Butte). Feel free to contact me if you're interested in coming over to the east side and I can give you...
  3. L.L. Heim.

    Trip to Thailand and Myanmar

    I got back February 10th from three plus weeks in Thailand and Myanmar teaching basics of neonatal resuscitation and participating in medical clinics. I got time in for lots of photos so here are some highlights of the temples. The first is the over 150 foot long Reclining Buddah at Wat Po. The...
  4. L.L. Heim.

    L.L. Heim's 2011 Favorites

    I put over 24,000 miles on my Jetta this year with 2 trips to Baja and back and 4 trips to Rainier. As I reviewed my photos I realized they represent a lot of very early mornings! This first batch is from my Baja/Southwest trips: Mexican pangas at sunrise waiting to take whale watchers out to...
  5. L.L. Heim.

    L.L. Heim's 2010 Favorites

    It was lots of fun to review where I went and what captured my eye in 2010. Here are some of my favorites.
  6. L.L. Heim.

    Steptoe Butte

    Here are some shots from last night and this morning from the top of Steptoe Butte--the guardian of the Palouse. The meterorite shower was a bust, but all in all it was a great, but VERY windy time.
  7. L.L. Heim.

    Hello from the Scenic Palouse

    I'm delighted to join you all in the PNW Photography Forum. I got my first digital SLR (Canon Rebel XTi) 2 years ago this month and am having a wonderful time pursing the delights of landscape photography. I'm starting to sell some photos, but am a long way away from earning enough to justify...
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