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  1. Railgeek

    Buildings Reflect in Chicago

    Two buildings reflecting in downtown Chicago, IL.
  2. Railgeek

    Another Bird

    I think this is some sort of Raven, but I'm not sure. Taken at Doug's Beach in the Columbia River Gorge last Sunday. Can anyone ID it for me? Canon 5D w/ 70-200 f/2.8L IS. ISO 100, 1/320th, f/3.2.
  3. Railgeek

    Downhill Biking

    C/C requested. I've got a 5D so it isn't the fastest thing in the world for this kind of thing. Post processing is the usual- reduce noise where it is needed and smart sharpen after that. 1. Looking out over the city of Ellensburg. I'd love to have that house on the right. 2. Some ominous...
  4. Railgeek

    Sunset at Othello

    Driving back from a railfanning trip at Providence Hill on 2/5/2012. Converted with the Fractalius plugin for CS5 from Redfield plugins.
  5. Railgeek

    Big Gaynor Camp-out 2011

    Made this one a few months back. I need more footage before I make another video, but I have been swamped with school work lately so there has been no time to get out and shoot.
  6. Railgeek

    EMD F9 #7012A Startup instructional video

    Edited a video last weekend from some footage I took last July. Turn up the sound from 3:45 to 5:30. Taken with Canon Vixia HFS 200. Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10. C&C requested.
  7. Railgeek

    Red-winged Blackbird

    I don't shoot wild life. In fact, I think the last time I photographed animals in the impromptu wild of a zoo was two years ago with my 10D at Portland Zoo. Before I went out to shoot my fly-fishing job, I saw several of these perched on a wire and some Typha. The second photo looks like...
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