Sunrise at the marina - C&C please

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Shot in early September at Gorge Harbor Marina in Desolation Sound, British Columbia.

This first version is the one I prefer. Question is - would you have lightened the foreground some more? Do you think the image would pop more that way?
[Olympus E30 + 9-18 11mm f/7.1 1/200sec ISO 200]

The second version is a pano of 7 vertical shots. I wasn't too pleased with the way the sky varied across the approximately 180 degrees in this image.
[Olympus E30 + 9-18 9mm f/4 1/1250 ISO 200]



Mike, I find the second much more interesting. In the first one the elements are kinda crammed together and there's not much separation between the horizon, the dock and the boats. It's all a bit muddled, which is probably a result of the angle more than anything.

The second is also somewhat dark, and the dock and trees in the background also overlap, but at least there's a bit more contrast between the lighter background and the silhouettes of the dock and posts. I think the shapes and patterns in this shot are much better defined and are more interesting.



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I think you put your finger on what was nagging at me about this scene. Things are sort of crammed into that center band.

I was intending for them to be a little dark because that's the way it was. Maybe I'll take a look at lightening the foreground a bit.

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