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    Red- Breasted Sapsucker

    Forums seem a bit slow for some reason. But I for one enjoy your postings, Thanks. Our big excitement was this red headed woodedpecker in the front yard. first time in 35 years of living here we've seen one in the neighborhood. Had a Rose breasted Grosbeak smash into the front window this...
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    Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge

    Located a couple of miles east of the Missouri River and southwest of Mound City Missouri is the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge. It's about 90 miles south of Omaha, NE. Various times of the year and depending on the weather patterns many animals and birds can be found here. My wife and I...
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    Took a journey north of Iowa into northern Minnesota. Found some young Loons on the Lake.
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    Helping hand for Rail Family

    Good job. Did you do a Virginia Reel to celebrate?
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    Thank you both. I am getting more alert to some of the different ones as I drive down the rural roads with my camera on my lap. Could be a country song in there somewhere.
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    Any thoughts on this one. Medium size, won't sit still for better picture
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    Birds of Edmonds, WA. 2020

    Capturing in flight is difficult, but you did well. I may go down to the road bridges over the creek where lots of swallows nest and practice too. Thanks Bill.
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    Foxes in Nebraska

    Along the creek this morning. First time to see beavers here. Water good and muddy from all the rain last night.
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    Gosling and Buttercups

    Cuteness factor 100
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    One of the things I like to do is look on Google Earth. A place name came up near a small town north of Lincoln NE. The Jack Sinn wildlife management area. Reading a plaque mounted on a rock in one of the small parking areas, we find that Jack Sinn was a Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioner a...
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    Bird ID Help Needed

    What’s he doin sitting there? Pouting from a missed kill?
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    That would be the Gray Cat Bird. Makes interesting noises that some times sounds like a mew.
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    Birds in Nebraska and Iowa

    I believe these are orchard orioles
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    Hummingbird Nest at my Front Door

    Wow! That is fine imaging. Is with the telephoto?
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    New Feature - "Featured"

    That is very dynamic! Looks really good and not just because some of my images are there. Party on.
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