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  1. Ripples


    Just after sunset, and before the stars appeared. Shot at F7 and 20 seconds hoping to get some blur in the waves. Got a little.
  2. Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Shortly after sunset, after the first stars began appearing.
  3. Orion


    The Constellation "Orion" over the rocks.
  4. Starry Starry Night

    Starry Starry Night

    Haystack Rocks long after sunset. The moon was one day shy of being a full moon, so there was lots of light.
  5. Haystack Rock on a Blustery Winter Day

    Haystack Rock on a Blustery Winter Day

    Ominous Skies and Angry Seas Make Haystack Rock Very Conspicuous on a Cold Winter Day.
  6. Cloudy Haystack

    Cloudy Haystack

    Haystack Rock during low tide
  7. 2009 Spring Break Sunset

    2009 Spring Break Sunset

    The sun sets on Haystack rock at Pacific City, OR.
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