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  1. Clamming - Long Beach, WA  Nov 20, 2010

    Clamming - Long Beach, WA Nov 20, 2010

    A Lady's best friend and nice weather too !
  2. Lady Washington

    Lady Washington

    Coming back into the Port of Edmonds after a mock battle with the Hawaiiain Chieftain,which both ship think they have won ,sails rolled up and bowsprint pulled in .
  3. tacking for battle

    tacking for battle

    The two tallships the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain tack for a full on broaded side to fire the cannons in a mock battle of the Port of Edmonds rare there both in port at same time and out to do battle what a show it was.
  4. battling tall ships

    battling tall ships

    Battle of the port of Edmonds ,the tall ship Hawaiiain Chieftain fires her cannons at the Lady Washington in a mock battle off the shores of the port of Edmonds.It was hard to get a clean photo there where so many small crafts and sailboats circling around the duel plus they where to far out for...
  5. Dotless Lady Bug

    Dotless Lady Bug

    No black dots on this guy. The others I saw today had quite a few.
  6. Lady Washington

    Lady Washington

    Lady Washington coming into port for the nite at Edmonds Marine.
  7. Black Pearl

    Black Pearl

    Lady Washington off Point no Point Wa.This ship was used in the movie the Curse of the Black Pearl as the British tall ship the HMS Interceptor, it is a brig and built in 1989 as a reproduction of the Lady Washington the frist ship to make landfall west coast in 1788.Built in Aberdeen Wa.
  8. Lady Washington

    Lady Washington

    The Lady Washington coming up the Puget Sound and into Edmonds marine.
  9. Rita and Bobby

    Rita and Bobby

    Rita cleans herbs
  10. Alaskan Orchid - Lady Slipper

    Alaskan Orchid - Lady Slipper

    Orchids are found on every continent in nearly every climate. The Lady Slipper is the Minnesota State Flower.
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