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  1. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Winter 2020 Wolves

    I had four "good" wolf encounters in Yellowstone during my two week visit in January. Good being a baseline term... something I'd use if a wolf is anywhere within 200 yards or so. Three of the encounters, featuring the Wapiti Lake Pack, were actually pretty incredible. It was my best wolf trip...
  2. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Spring 2019

    I've finally finished processing the photos from my two week spring trip to Yellowstone. I go out at this time each year, as it's the peak of wildlife activity. This gallery covers the last week in May plus my photo tour in early June. You can see the full gallery of 157 new images in my photo...
  3. Yellowstone Wolf on NYE

    Yellowstone Wolf on NYE

    A gray yearling from the Canyon Pack pauses before approaching a carcass on December 31 in Yellowstone National Park. At one point the wolves were within 25 yards of us. What a great way to end the year.
  4. Coastal Wolf

    Coastal Wolf

    This is the alpha female of a gray wolf pack I sought out in early October up on Vancouver Island. Though they're pretty elusive, this coastal wolf pack was seen frequently during the summer, so I went up for a few days to try my luck. I was fortunate to see them briefly our very first day...
  5. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf at the Oregon Zoo
  6. WOLF


    WOLF at the oregon zoo
  7. Young Wolf

    Young Wolf

    This young female wolf was stocking two deer.
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