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  1. Eastbound Empty Coal

    Eastbound Empty Coal

    At Marshall Road southwest of Spokane, WA
  2. Storm Clouds

    Storm Clouds

    Westbound oil train at Sprague, WA. 27 Sep 2019. Snowstorm in the background.
  3. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    At Cooks, WA. This train came off the Oregon Trunk and had two CP units trailing the lead unit.
  4. Eastbound Manifest

    Eastbound Manifest

    At the summit of Providence Hill, WA
  5. Southbound BNSF Grain Train

    Southbound BNSF Grain Train

    On UP rails at Dunning Road in Oakridge, OR.
  6. BNSF Grain Train

    BNSF Grain Train

    Southbound on UP rails between Crale and Hampton, OR
  7. BNSF Grain Train

    BNSF Grain Train

    Southbound on UP rails between Crale and Hampton, OR
  8. BNSF on Foreign Rails

    BNSF on Foreign Rails

    Southbound BNSF grain train at Crale, OR beside highway 58.
  9. Westbound


    Westbound manifest at Crow Butte, WA.
  10. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    At Maryhill, WA. Photographed from U.S. 97 pull out.
  11. Westbound Coal

    Westbound Coal

    Between Maryhill and Wishram, WA
  12. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    At Cooks, WA. Photographed from Starvation Creek Falls.
  13. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    Between Maryhill and Wishram, WA.
  14. Westbound Garbage

    Westbound Garbage

    Between Maryhill and Wishram, WA. The "road" is the former SP&S ROW.
  15. Westbound Garbage Train

    Westbound Garbage Train

    Photographed late in the evening at Dallesport, WA.
  16. Tidewater tug "The Chief"

    Tidewater tug "The Chief"

    Approaching John Day Dam while a westbound BNSF empty garbage train passes in the background.
  17. Q-CHCPTL


    High priority intermodal from Chicago to Portland at Chamberlain Lake, WA.
  18. Southbound UP Manifest

    Southbound UP Manifest

    A southbound Union Pacific manifest with a BNSF unit passing the signal bridge at Vader, WA
  19. BNSF 9235

    BNSF 9235

    SD70ACe sitting in Linnton, OR.
  20. Eastbound Intermodal

    Eastbound Intermodal

    Near Drano Lake, WA in the Columbia River Gorge.
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