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  1. into the sunset

    into the sunset

    As the sunsets over the Edmonds to Kingston ferry a train goes by with some Boeing fuselages on it.
  2. Boeing 787-800

    Boeing 787-800

    The Dreamliner coming back from KMWH (Moses Lake Airport.) After a loopy flight, I think it was glad to be back on the ground. It was quickly put away by the Boeing ground crew in order for technicians to paw over it and start gathering data.
  3. British Airways 777-236 landing at KSEA

    British Airways 777-236 landing at KSEA

    A British Airways 777-236 ER landing at SeaTac airport. This was taken in a park south of the airport. It will land on Runway 34C.
  4. How Many Can You Name?

    How Many Can You Name?

    How many planes can you name in this photo?
  5. Boeing 747-400 LCF

    Boeing 747-400 LCF

    One of four 747-400 LCF's to ever be produced. These are for hauling large fuselage parts and wing sections from Japan, Italy, Charleston, SC and finally to Boeing's Everett Plant.
  6. Boeing 747-800F

    Boeing 747-800F

    Four 747-800F's are in the assembly line. The closest painted one was undergoing engine tests of the GEnx-2B67.
  7. Boeing 777-300ER

    Boeing 777-300ER

    An EVA air operated by the Evergreen Group is stored next to the tower at Paine Field
  8. 777 and chase2

    777 and chase2

    flying over snoqualmie valley
  9. 777 and chase

    777 and chase

    flying over snoqualmie valley
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