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  1. fiznatty

    Lower Klamath Basin, February 2020

    A couple weeks ago I went down to southern Oregon to participate in the 41st annual Winter Wings Festival. I gave a talk and led some field trips, so I didn't have too much time to take photos... but I snapped a few here and there. I've uploaded a small gallery on my website. A short preview is...
  2. Headed for a Touchdown

    Headed for a Touchdown

    Logan was a senior wide receiver/cornerback for Stayton High School this past fall. I worked with his dad before I retired and my grandson was a lineman for the team.
  3. Ferns


    At Blue Pool campground east of Eugene, OR.
  4. fiznatty

    Winter Wings Festival: Klamath Falls, OR, Feb. 13 - 16, 2020

    The 41st annual Winter Wings Festival is being held in Klamath Falls, OR, from February 13 - 16, 2020. I have been asked to participate this year as a speaker and workshop leader. I will be giving a talk on February 14th, and leading a couple of half-day workshops on the 15th and 16th. There...
  5. UP 1943

    UP 1943

    Leading a southbound officer's special at Crescent Lake, OR.
  6. UP 1943

    UP 1943

    Leading a southbound officer's special at Wesfir, OR.
  7. Southbound Officer's Special

    Southbound Officer's Special

    Behind UP 1943 at Dougren, OR southeast of Eugene.
  8. Southbound BNSF Grain Train

    Southbound BNSF Grain Train

    On UP rails at Dunning Road in Oakridge, OR.
  9. American Avocet

    American Avocet

    Near Hinkle, OR.
  10. American Avocet

    American Avocet

    Near Hinkle, OR.
  11. BNSF Grain Train

    BNSF Grain Train

    Southbound on UP rails between Crale and Hampton, OR
  12. American Avocet

    American Avocet

    Near Hinkle, OR.
  13. Yellow-headed Blackbird

    Yellow-headed Blackbird

    Near Hinkle, OR.
  14. Black Locust Flowers

    Black Locust Flowers

    Black Locust tree in bloom in Stanfield, OR
  15. Surf


    At Yachats, OR
  16. Snowy Mountains

    Snowy Mountains

    The ridge above Heather east of Eugene, OR.
  17. Northbound Oil

    Northbound Oil

    Stopped for fuel and a new crew in Eugene, OR
  18. Sunrise


    Salem, OR
  19. Ruby-crowned Kinglet

    Ruby-crowned Kinglet

    In Salem, OR
  20. Black-capped Chickadee

    Black-capped Chickadee

    In Salem, OR

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