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  1. Red


    Flower beside the visitor center in Cascade Locks, OR
  2. Sunset


    From the viewpoint east of Troutdale, OR.
  3. Sunset


    From the viewpoint east of Troutdale, OR.
  4. Red Rose

    Red Rose

    In a park in Arlington, OR.
  5. Dragonfly


    In my yard in Salem, OR
  6. Red Rose

    Red Rose

    In the rose garden at Bonneville Fish Hatchery, OR.
  7. Thomas Kay Woolen Mills

    Thomas Kay Woolen Mills

    This former water driven woolen mill is located in Salem, OR. It is now a museum.
  8. Fall Colors

    Fall Colors

  9. Raindrops On Roses

    Raindrops On Roses

    Bush\'s Pasture Park in Salem, OR
  10. Red Poppy

    Red Poppy

    In my aunt\'s garden near Redmond, OR.
  11. Red


    Photographed at McNary National Wildlife Refuge near Burbank, WA.
  12. Tumalo Falls

    Tumalo Falls

    Red rock behind the falls.
  13. Covered Bridge

    Covered Bridge

    The covered bridge at Westfir, OR; photographed from the northbound Coast Starlight.
  14. Beetle


    Red Cerambycid Leptura beetle.
  15. Morning Flight

    Morning Flight

    A red-winged blackbird takes off near a pond in the wetlands near the University of Washington. More photos from this shoot can be seen here:
  16. Heeeey!


    A fox kit demands more attention after dad walks away. Photographed at a den site just outside Yellowstone National Park in May, 2009.
  17. Red MOON

    Red MOON

    Red MOON From all the smoke!
  18. The over acheiver

    The over acheiver

    A tulip tries hard to stand out from the crowd at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
  19. Red Fox Up Close and Personal

    Red Fox Up Close and Personal

    I got several great shots of this fox in Yellowstone last year. She evidently was trying to decoy myself and others there the location of her den, as she kept running back and forth around us. She probably had little kits in the den.
  20. Landscapes


    Along the road to Elk River
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