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  1. Upper South Falls

    Upper South Falls

    This is a composite of two photos. One of the upper part of the falls and one of the lower part.
  2. Nile Monitor Lizard

    Nile Monitor Lizard

    I photographed this from a walkway over the water at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa.
  3. Pied Kingfisher

    Pied Kingfisher

    Looking for a fish. I photographed this from a walkway over the water at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa.
  4. Dwarf Mongoose

    Dwarf Mongoose

    Probably the cutest mongoose species in South Africa, unless you like meerkats. It's always a highlight seeing these little critters in action. In this case, a whole family was denning in a fallen tree.
  5. Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    I just returned from three weeks in South Africa. We criss-crossed the country during that time, visiting a couple of the arid parks as well as our favorite haunts in the Sabi Sands. We saw numerous leopards in the Sabi Sands, including 11 different individuals in four days at Mala Mala...
  6. Boat-Billed Heron

    Boat-Billed Heron

    The most spectacular boat-billed heron I've seen by a long shot, photographed in SE Peru from a canoe. A collection of my Peru bird photos is currently being featured on the BBC Wildlife website: Be sure to check them out!
  7. Marvelous Spatuletail

    Marvelous Spatuletail

    A male marvelous spatuletail perches in a lek near Pomacoches in northern Peru. The species gets its name from the male's two longest tail feathers, which can be controlled independently and play a major role in the hummingbird's courtship displays. The spatuletail is considered by many to be...
  8. My, What Big Ears You Have

    My, What Big Ears You Have

    We had just parted ways with our friends in Kruger National Park on our way to Mala Mala when we lucked into perhaps the rarest major predator in the park. Every day you can view recent animal sightings in Kruger on the maps at the various camps, and wild dogs were always seen less frequently...
  9. Spring Fishing

    Spring Fishing

    The cool and dreary spring morning did not deter the spirit of these fisherman.
  10. South Falls on a Foggy, Misty Morning - 177 Ft Drop

    South Falls on a Foggy, Misty Morning - 177 Ft Drop

    The morning sunlight blends in with the mist at the South Falls of Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.
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