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  1. Fruit Blossoms

    Fruit Blossoms

    At the Amtrak station in Vancouver, WA
  2. Storm Clouds

    Storm Clouds

    Westbound oil train at Sprague, WA. 27 Sep 2019. Snowstorm in the background.
  3. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    At Cooks, WA. This train came off the Oregon Trunk and had two CP units trailing the lead unit.
  4. Eastbound Manifest

    Eastbound Manifest

    At the summit of Providence Hill, WA
  5. Empire Builder

    Empire Builder

    Arriving in Wishram, WA
  6. Old Cadillac

    Old Cadillac

    At Fish Lake, WA
  7. Riffle Lake

    Riffle Lake

    Beside U.S. 12 in western Washington.
  8. Zach

    Welcome!! Sorry I meant travel! Not “Tried”

    Hello! My name is Zachery, I was borned and raised in Washington, but I have tried to a lot of different places and countries! But I have never stopped falling in love with the scenery around me so I thought I would share with you all what I see through my eyes! If you would like to or is...
  9. Southbound UP Manifest

    Southbound UP Manifest

    A southbound Union Pacific manifest with a BNSF unit passing the signal bridge at Vader, WA
  10. UP 2598

    UP 2598

    Leading a southbound manifest at Vader, WA
  11. "Elsa K"

    "Elsa K"

    Anchored in the Columbia River at Kalama, WA.
  12. C

    Swallow-tailed Gull at Carkeek Park

    A Swallow-tailed Gull was found this morning by Ryan Merrill at Carkeek Park. This is an extremely rare gull with only two other sightings in the ABA area (California) and the first ever sighting in Washington. I rushed down to see it and managed a few poor shots in the fog and rain.
  13. fiznatty

    PNW Wildlife from January

    I led a three day private tour here in the Pacific Northwest a couple weeks ago. We had excellent weather (which, at this time of year means cold and, more importantly, clear). Activity in some of the usual hot spots was down, which gave us an opportunity spend more time photographing...
  14. Mt Washington

    Mt Washington

    From the summit of McKenzie Pass.
  15. Waving to the croud

    Waving to the croud

    Miss Coulee City Rodeo Caelan Pitts, Miss Rodeo America 2016 Katherine Merck and Miss Rodeo Washington 2016 Macy LaValley wave to the croud at the Last Stand Rodeo in Coulee City, WA.
  16. landscapes&birds

    Common goldeneye courtship

    A common goldeneye practicing his courtship display on Lake Washington.
  17. N

    Fall colors in this state to rival the east coast

    Hi all, this my second post, the first one being in the Introduce Yourself forum just now. So I was lamenting to some friends about how I have yet to get really good fall colors and posted this of an example of what I have yet to attain: http://imgur.com/gallery/2mbpknt I immediately...
  18. Fall at the Falls

    Fall at the Falls

    Lower Lewis River Falls Skamania County, Washington Gary Meyers Photography | All Rights Reserved | Do not use without my permission.
  19. Cedar Waxwing

    Cedar Waxwing

    A cedar waxwing perches within quick reach of the currants it loves to eat at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. More waxwing photos can be seen here: http://www.maxwaugh.com/nisqually12/
  20. Panther Creek  Falls

    Panther Creek Falls

    Panther Creek Falls ,Skamania County, Washington. photo by ,Gary Meyers photography Take nothing but photos , leave nothing but footprints !
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