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  1. landscapes&birds

    Whalecome to the pod, L-122

    Whalecome to the pod, L122! On Monday I went whale watching out of San Juan Island, and had no idea just how special this day would be. We saw L122, a new calf belonging to the L-pod of our endangered Southern Resident orcas that was seen for the very first time today. According to the Center...
  2. Whale Mobile

    Whale Mobile

    Whale Mobile
  3. Humpback Breach

    Humpback Breach

    A humpback whale leaps out of the water on the British Columbia coast. This was photographed during my tour of the Great Bear Rainforest in 2009. If you're interested in joining me for humpbacks, spirit bears and other coastal wildlife, my new "Islands of the Spirit Bear, Waters of the...
  4. D

    Humpback Whale

    Shot of a Humback Whale Breaching near Maui.
  5. Fluke


    Gray Whale at the Port of Port Orford
  6. Whale of a Kite Fly

    Whale of a Kite Fly

    On the beach in Long Beach, WA - Revolving Kite Circles and the Gray Whale Skeleton.
  7. a gray whale -eagle-and-ferry

    a gray whale -eagle-and-ferry

    all in one .hard to get the whale in the shot you dont know where its going to come up i was hoping for it to center between the two pilings as the ferry was leaving and was lucky to get it as you see it the eagle was really eyeing up the whale and thinking thats a little big.
  8. there she blows

    there she blows

    A super grain train with power on lead and power in middle and power units on end of train stop at M.P.-18 for red block lite and a large Gray Whale comes up and breachs in the background.
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