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  1. fiznatty

    Yellowstone 2018 Fall

    I led my final tour of the year in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in September. It was a fun trip, though a mixed bag in terms of wildlife. We didn't see a high volume of wildlife (compared to what one might typically find in spring), but we had a couple rarer sightings, including an otter...
  2. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Spring 2018

    I've completed and uploaded the photos from my annual May/June trip to Yellowstone. It was a good trip for a variety of species (spring usually is there), but during my photo tour in the first week of June we had remarkable luck checking every big daily goal we set for ourselves... that almost...
  3. fiznatty

    Yellowstone Winter 2018

    Forgot to post this back in April when I published the photos... I spend a couple weeks in Yellowstone this winter, primarily leading two photo tours. My winter tours are split between the park's northern range (the only place you can drive in a car during winter months, as the roads are...
  4. fiznatty

    Yellowstone 2017

    I made three trips to Yellowstone this year (April, May/June and October), and none were particularly fruitful on the photography side of things. At least, compared to past years. So I combined the images from all three trips into a single gallery. You may view the full gallery here. A...
  5. Lamar Lightning

    Lamar Lightning

    An autumn thunderstorm skirts Yellowstone's Lamar Valley.
  6. Heeeey!


    A fox kit demands more attention after dad walks away. Photographed at a den site just outside Yellowstone National Park in May, 2009.
  7. Yellowstone Wolf on NYE

    Yellowstone Wolf on NYE

    A gray yearling from the Canyon Pack pauses before approaching a carcass on December 31 in Yellowstone National Park. At one point the wolves were within 25 yards of us. What a great way to end the year.
  8. Going Down?

    Going Down?

    A black bear cub descends a tree in Yellowstone National Park.
  9. Improved Technique

    Improved Technique

    A bighorn lamb practices its climbing skills on the rocky slopes of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park.
  10. Still Moving

    Still Moving

    An otter pulls a trout out of the water before sitting down to feast in Yellowstone National Park.
  11. Mt. Moran From Oxbow Bend

    Mt. Moran From Oxbow Bend

    Mt. Moran, of the Grand Teton Range, reflects in the still waters of the Snake River at Oxbow Bend on a crisp fall morning.
  12. Mormon Settler's Barn

    Mormon Settler's Barn

    Built in the mid to late 1800's, this barn is still standing after all these years of Wyoming winters. It is located on a road called "Mormon Row" in the heart of Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park.
  13. Red Fox Up Close and Personal

    Red Fox Up Close and Personal

    I got several great shots of this fox in Yellowstone last year. She evidently was trying to decoy myself and others there the location of her den, as she kept running back and forth around us. She probably had little kits in the den.
  14. Morning Serenity at Schwabacker's Landing

    Morning Serenity at Schwabacker's Landing

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