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Forgot to post this back in April when I published the photos...

I spend a couple weeks in Yellowstone this winter, primarily leading two photo tours. My winter tours are split between the park's northern range (the only place you can drive in a car during winter months, as the roads are plowed) and Yellowstone's interior, which is only accessible via snowmobile or snow coach. Though I'm mainly a wildlife guy, Yellowstone offers up plenty of animal and landscape photo opportunities in winter. It can be fun exploring the harsh environs of the interior, especially with very few visitors around. In some cases, the conditions were bad enough that our older coach (using treads rather than the large under-inflated tires that are en vogue now) was the only large vehicle that could access certain areas.

Here are a few photos. You can check out the full gallery on my website.

A bison in a snowstorm. I purposely slowed my shutter speed to "paint" lines of snow across the silhouette. Kind of a fun experiment.

Ravens are one of my favorite winter subjects. They're intelligent and look quite handsome puffed up against the cold.

Bighorn rams congregate in a few areas at lower elevation during winter.

I saw a fair number of coyotes during this trip. Of the park's three canids, they're usually the easiest to find.

One of the my nemesis species in the park is the Black-billed magpie. They're quite common, but also pretty shy. This was my first time getting good close-ups, with a few good BiF opportunities.

See the full Yellowstone Winter 2018 gallery here.

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