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This section is for the use of our members offering services and/or products for sale or that they want to buy.

The intent is to offer a place where you can sell a used lens or other gear, or post a note that you're looking for a certain item.

It's also a place to post inquiries if you're looking for a "second shooter" or other assistant, or if you're offering your services for that type of position.

Ads must be directly related to photography, and of interest to our members.

Professional photographer are permitted to post, but this is not intended as a place to simply advertise your business. As an example, a pro photographer offering a used lens for sale or looking for a second shooter is fine.

Posting an ad once a week that you're offering 20% off on all Portrait Packages is not what this category is intended for, and posts like that will be removed.

A good general guideline is whether your post will be of interest to other photographers, rather than just an ad suited for the general public.

If you have a studio, and are offering space to other photographers on a rental, lease or co-op basis, you can post that info in our "Studios and Shooting Locations" category.

ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE SOLELY THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER AND SELLER. The forum is not liable for any transactions made here. Use due care when responding, and always remember that if an ad sounds too good to be true, it probably is...
Not open for further replies.

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