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Yesterday morning visiting one my favorite Osprey pair. In light rain I find dad on the nest and mom on the tower. As I was just trying to get a few pictures, A crow lands on the opposite side of the nest from mom. this started both osprey screaming. I new this was a set up. The crow took off and flew over dad and right at mom, M.r crow veered off at the last second and took off with mom in hot pursuit. Just as she was catching up to the crow, to more showed up. All the while dad stayed at the nest. So this little show of chicken lasted about five minutes. Both ospreys screaming. About five minutes in, A third Osprey showed up. Well the crows had about enough and scattered. Mom landed back at nest with dad and both were chatting with the third osprey as it flew around the nest gaining altitude and flew back to were it came from. Altogether around five hundred pictures later.

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I can relate to taking 500 shots of an avian skirmish.
While eagles and hawks may ignore crows that are harassing them, osprey will not put up with the Evil Minions of the Dark Lord. I once saw a crow perch on the same branch as an osprey filleting a fish it had caught. The crow kept inching closer to the osprey. The osprey let the crow get so close, then flapped its wings to warn it off.
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