Hi all, it's me.

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I just joined with a few burning questions. First of all, I'm Chris (aka Not A Speck Of Cereal).

I can get to my profile but haven't found the Edit function yet. I'm 56, born and currently residing in Seattle, have been shooting things with cameras since the early 70s, and I'm not a pro. I'm currently a Nikon guy, D3, lot's of fast glass but not enough, 3 flashes just in case I decide to jump into the whole Strobist thing, have the Hot Shoe Diaries but haven't cracked it open yet.

I'm trying to get back into this heavy. I managed to get two field trips in this summer, one to Eastern Washington for the Perseids meteor shower. I did not get a SINGLE decent shot, but I only remembered about the whole shoot-a-single-dark-frame until near the end. Also, I didn't do the early morning thing--live and learn. The second trip was a few days at the coast, doing some HDR work at Ruby breach. I haven't merged those yet due to not yet having the time to do so.

Other than that, I'm unemployed, ex-Microsoft employee, looking forward to fall colors.

See ya!


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hi Chris, welcome to our merry band! you'll find us a diverse and friendly group.

i've been shooting since the mid-80s, currently a Canon shooter, mostly landscapes and nature stuff (definitely need to get back out to Ruby Beach.. haven't been there in too long!). like you, i'm unemployed, but frankly, retirement is looking like a better option at this point anyway... more time to shoot!! ;)

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