Juvenile Sandhill Crane at the Edmonds Marsh

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Terry O

Active Member
Thanks to an early morning text message, I was able to capture a few images of the Sandhill. All taken with the Canon 5D Mark III and 500mm f5.6L with 1.4x extender.

One of my initial images - I think this is a female juvenile. It may have gotten separated from its flight group.
10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_0996.JPG

It was getting ready to take off
10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1008.JPG

This is the classic pre-flight pose, based on my experience at Bosque del Apache, NM, a couple of years ago
10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1009.JPG

Some in-flight images - I was pleased that the AF was able to distinguish the bird from the background.
10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1013.JPG

10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1015.JPG

Terry O

Active Member
Some additional in-flight images
10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1020.JPG

10-22-2015 sandhill marsh_1021.JPG

About that time a heron took off from the marsh - I'm not positive if it is the one that joined the Crane. But a heron definitely joined the crane as the crane flew south - hope it is able to rejoin its group!
10-22-2015 heron marsh_1082.JPG

A silhouette shot of a Crow, Heron and Sandhill - not a great shot, but it really shows the difference between the heron and crane. the crane in the lower right is highlighted a bit.
10-22-2015 sandhill heron crow  marsh_1051.JPG


Super Moderator
Staff member
wow, what a great find, Terry! i didn't think sandhills came through here... thought they were all east of the mountains. i wonder if it'll be back tomorrow?

Bill Anderson

Super Moderator
Staff member
There were reports Friday morning on Tweeters of a sandhill crane at the Mountlake Fill. Same bird?
I got an e-mail from a Tweetster who ID'ed the crane at the Fill as the one from the marsh based on Terry's photos. There were also reports on Tweeters of a flock down in Kent. I wonder if this one is a lost member of that flock.

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