Living in NW, figured I should join :) a friendly and growing community of photographers with an interest in the Pacific Northwest region. We feature a Photography Discussion Forum and Pacific Northwest Photo Gallery. It's a fun and friendly place to talk with other photographers, ask questions, share you knowledge, view and post photos and more!



hi :) I love photography and hope to learn of good places here to photograph wildlife and nature along with good landscape scenes that I haven't discovered yet.

I'm not really sure how the website works, so if I post something goofy, bear with me :)



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Welcome, John.
Can't wait to see what you are shooting. If you have problems there is always somebody who can help.

Bill Anderson

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Welcome to the forum. I suggest you add your location to your signature line or public profile. There may be members who live near you.


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Welcome John, hopefully you'll find the info you're looking for here. We're a pretty laid back and mellow bunch, so you're not too likely to "post something goofy" and annoy us. If you post it in the wrong category, no problem there, we simply move it if need be (it's not often) and nobody gets upset about it.

We post things that seem interesting, like the current discussion on eagles. If you have something in particular you're looking for, like Short Eared Owls for example, another popular subject this time of year, and can't find any comments, simply ask a question "Hey, anyone seen the Short Eared Owls this year?" and hopefully you'll get some replies.
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