Oregon Vista House and Wahkeena Falls

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We have had some really nice days out here finally and it was time to go exploring. Even though I grew up out in the NW I've never been to Wahkeena Falls or the Vista House which is a restored rest stop. Its not your average rest stop--its stone built, with a round dome roof and a balcony overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.

Photos are of the view from the sidewalk by the Vista House, the inside of the dome and Wahkeena Falls. The water falls 242 ft in several stages and this shot is the middle section taken from a bridge.


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Beautiful shots... We haven't made it back to the "rock" since they finished the restoration, but it looks like I will have to put it back on the list.

Stellar shot of the falls. Colors and angle are spectacular.


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Nice shots! The Vista House looks a lot brighter inside on a sunny day. For comparison, here's my shot from a cloudy day.



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Thanks guys! The sun really did brighten it up. I think there is some reflected light coming up from the lower level windows and maybe the light floor which helped soften it up. My exposure is skewed on the lighter side too.

Some tech info: Nikon D700, 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 lens

The house is really well done. Im not sure if it was original work but I was surprised to see all the marble they used throughout. Even the bathroom stalls were marble.
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