Osprey Family

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Sorry no pics. A few minutes ago while outside my house, I heard junior osprey and looked toward Haller lake a few blocks east. There was junior hovering and talking away. So I started to call and started to come my way. when right above me, either mom or dad showed up and both headed for home together. there nest located at the cell phone tower a few blocks south at home depot. A little history. This pair always raises one chick every season and always success. Dad was probably the the parent I just seen with junior. Mom always leaves just after junior fledges. Dad teaches junior for about a month and both head south together. How do I know this? Been watching and photographing them foe a decade. When the first parent arrives in spring. It will fly over my house and great me. Last spring mom arrived right on time middle of April. But dad didn't show for almost three weeks and was worried. But he finally showed and nesting began in earnest. That led to a few minutes ago. Sorry but I love this great pair osprey and how dedicated they are.. When they finally start there journey south I will miss them until next spring,. R.J
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