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L.L. Heim.

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I got back February 10th from three plus weeks in Thailand and Myanmar teaching basics of neonatal resuscitation and participating in medical clinics. I got time in for lots of photos so here are some highlights of the temples. The first is the over 150 foot long Reclining Buddah at Wat Po. The second is the White Temple at Chaing Rai made of white glass. The third is a temple along the banks of the river running through Bangkok. The Fourth is a modern temple on the grounds of the White Temple. And the fifth is the temple outside my hotel room in Chiang Tung, Myanmar.

Reclining Buddah Web 5601.jpg
White Temple Reflection 6267.jpg
Temple Sunset Web 5696.jpg
Old and New 6329.jpg
Mixsty Morning Temple Web  7305.jpg
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L.L. Heim.

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Here are some photos of people. The first is a Lahu woman with black teeth from chewing betel nut. The Lahu women view black teeth as beautiful- they said white teeth look like dog teeth. The second is of some young monks relaxing at the temple where they live. The third and fifth is of children watching us at the medical clinic. And the fourth is at an elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Lahu Lady Web 6573.jpg
Teen Monks Evening Web 7087.jpg
Kids in the Window Web 6869.jpg
Elephant Love Web 7457.jpg
Boy in the Window Web 6865.jpg
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