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Terry O

Active Member
After spending $40 for a wire screen to exclude gray squirrels from our bird feeder, a nursing mother Douglas Squirrel squeezed through. At least the Douglas is a native species - so I don't feel to badly about its success. I was concerned it might eat too many sunflower seeds and not be able to get back out, but it turned out to be no problem. They must be considerably slimmer than the Eastern Gray Squirrel.

Unfortunately the cage also excludes some of the larger birds, like the Black-headed Grosbeak - Drat!
6-28-2018 douglas squirrel in squirrel proof cage 6689.JPG
6-28-2018 douglas squirrel in squirrel proof cage 6692.JPG

Terry O

Active Member
Thanks, Bill. Actually it climbed through the grid. The bottom and top are well sealed......


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