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    Steptoe Butte

    Sorry you had to head back home early Mike!! The weather here has not been the best lately!! I like your photos here. I do think that they could be even better though. I still have a lot to learn (!!) but I think if you added some contrast and saturation it would help them. This is how my last...
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    Very nice!! Ron
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    pink tulips

    I love Tulips!! Very nice Christine! Ron
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    i do love springtime!

    Another beauty with almost 3D characteristics!! Not sure about warmer days though. It is supposed to be in the low 50's here in Spokane tomorrow:(. Ron
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    This is beautiful Rocky!! Awesome detail!! I feel like I could just reach out and touch it. It almost has a 3D effect. Ron
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    Logan Pass

    at Glacier National Park. Ron
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    Jennings Park

    I like both of these Rocky, but I really like #1!! Ron
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    How many shots of a Sunset do you shoot??

    GREAT pictures!!!! Ron
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    A Hollyhock Flower

    I have been testing out a new Nikon 18-300VR lens with my D7000. Here is a picture I took last night. Thanks for looking! Ron
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    A Golden Hour Photo...

    From Steptoe Butte. Ron
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    Steptoe Butte in the Palouse

    Thanks a lot Bob and climbbike! Ron
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    Steptoe Butte in the Palouse

    Thank you JaniceL. Ron
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    a few more from eastern Washington

    All are very nice Rocky! I really like the windmill! Ron
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    Steptoe Butte in the Palouse

    Thanks a lot Rocky! The first and the last were taken with the Tamron 17-50 and the others with the Nikon 70-300. Ron
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    Steptoe Butte in the Palouse

    I got a chance to run out to Steptoe Butte this week for a little while. Rocky, a member here who I have never met in person, let me know that he was going to be out there if I wanted to meet up. It was getting to meet him and take some pics together! I really love it up there. I rode my...
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