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  1. fiznatty

    Lake Clark National Park

    It looks like Alaska is included as part of the PNW on this forum, so I'll post this in Wildlife and Animals rather than the Trip Reports forum. Last month I made a short excursion to Alaska to check out Lake Clark National Park for the first time. This is a very popular spot with photographers...
  2. Ice


    Found this chunk of ice sitting on a rock at Portage Lake, Alaska
  3. Snowy Peak

    Snowy Peak

    Flying over Denali National Park
  4. Autumn mountains, Alaska

    Autumn mountains, Alaska

  5. Damp Yellow

    Damp Yellow

    Unknown wild flower during a short sun break.
  6. For Sale Small Cabin Overlooking Bay!

    For Sale Small Cabin Overlooking Bay!

    Quaint... Perhaps the signage says it all.
  7. Shiny Train

    Shiny Train

    Riding the train in SE Alaska. I thought the reflection captured off the car to be more interesting than the subject of the shot.
  8. New Roof for the Cabin

    New Roof for the Cabin

    Tok (pronounced Toke) Alaska is located at mile 1314 of the Alaska Highway at the Junction with the Glenn Highway, which is important junction along the Alaska Highway between the Tanana River and the Alaska Range. Sod Roofs are common in this area and need to be replaced occasionally.
  9. Interrupted Drink

    Interrupted Drink

    Startled while drinking, this Moose is all legs!
  10. Rocking Moose

    Rocking Moose

    Backyard toy in Ninilchik, Alaska
  11. Fishing In The Clouds

    Fishing In The Clouds

    Unknown lake on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
  12. S

    From Seattle, photographing the world

    Hello! I'm happy to have found this forum; it looks like there are already some amazingly talented folks on here already. I live in Shoreline, WA (just north of Seattle), and I've started to look into displaying the photos I've taken on trips through Europe and the US. I'm hoping for advice and...
  13. Wal Mikes

    Wal Mikes

    Something for everyone!
  14. Here's Lookin' at Yah!

    Here's Lookin' at Yah!

    Hover Fly, Sweat Bee or sometimes called False Bee, probably also has many other common names as there are many varieties. This one is friendly, non-stinging.
  15. Busy Bee

    Busy Bee

    Hard working Bumble Bee in SW Alaska.
  16. So There!

    So There!

    Moose sticking out his tongue. I think he knew I was watching!
  17. Maturing Quickly

    Maturing Quickly

    Wild Flowers in Alaska do not have the luxury of long seasons. Frequently all stages of maturity are found on the same plant at the same time.
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