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  1. Full Moon

    Full Moon

    From Salem, OR
  2. Moon & Venus

    Moon & Venus

  3. Lunar Eclipse - 12-10-2011

    Lunar Eclipse - 12-10-2011

    A few phases of the lunar eclipse. Taken at University Place, WA
  4. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze

    As the sunsets in the west and backlights the clouds purple,the moon is rising in the east.
  5. Red MOON

    Red MOON

    Red MOON From all the smoke!
  6. Moonrise over Eugene

    Moonrise over Eugene

  7. Full Moon 3/19/11

    Full Moon 3/19/11

  8. Clamming - Long Beach, WA  Nov 20, 2010

    Clamming - Long Beach, WA Nov 20, 2010

    Razor clam stragglers heading home with their limits of clams under the Beaver Moon. This full moon is the third of four full moons in a season and many also call it a Blue Moon.
  9. fire season full moon

    fire season full moon

  10. Twilight Blue

    Twilight Blue

    Finally was able to get a clear shot of the moon when the sky still had some blue and it wasn't behind some trees.
  11. By the Light of the Moon

    By the Light of the Moon

    October 2010's full moon taken from my back deck.
  12. Moonrise at the Port of Port Orford

    Moonrise at the Port of Port Orford

    a beautiful fall evening watching Brown Pelicans fishing at our Port
  13. balancing act

    balancing act

    the moon sets just on the top of a peak of a mountain as if it where balancing there not to set tonight.
  14. Moongate


    Taken in the Columbia River Gorge Area.Was trying different framage and this 1 looked the best.
  15. Clear signal under moonlight

    Clear signal under moonlight

    Under a partially-obscured 3/4 moon, Signal 1728.1 displays a clear signal for an eastbound train on the 2.2% climb out of Skykomish.
  16. Moonlit Foss River Bridge

    Moonlit Foss River Bridge

    The only word I can find to describe this scene is "surreal." Indeed, a bright three-quarter moon lighting up the Cascade Range forest during a blizzard could only be something imagined in one's dreams... except that it happened. In one of those incredibly rare instances where...
  17. Lunar Bisect

    Lunar Bisect

    Half a Moon from the Elk Rock Overlook near Mount St Helens.
  18. Moon Rise over Seattle

    Moon Rise over Seattle

    As seen from Manchester, across the Sound
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