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  1. Cheyenne


  2. Cheyenne


    Enjoying the outdoors.
  3. Cheyenne


    Relaxing in front of the TV.
  4. Cheyenne


    My cat inspecting my wife's quilt.
  5. Ferret Portraits

    Ferret Portraits

  6. Ferret Portraits

    Ferret Portraits

    George waiting for the basket to be filled
  7. Ferret Portraits

    Ferret Portraits

    Benny with a Bindi
  8. Ferret Portraits

    Ferret Portraits

    Farrah was one of my best posers
  9. Pet Look-A-Like Contest - Sandsations 2009

    Pet Look-A-Like Contest - Sandsations 2009

    Entrant in the Pet/Owner Look-a-Like Contest of the Sand Flea Pet Parade, a portion of The 25th Annual Sandsations Sandcastle Competition, Long Beach, WA. Usually the 3rd Saturday in July, but it's date and time are tide dependent.
  10. R We Comin Or Goin?

    R We Comin Or Goin?

    Corgies, pronounced korgis, are small herding dogs that originate from Wales. They are considered intelligent, lively, loyal, and quite protective.
  11. Sandsations - Long Beach WA - 2009

    Sandsations - Long Beach WA - 2009

    Sculpture entitled: Whatever The Sand Whispers by Me, Myself and I Seattle, WA
  12. Sandsations - Long Beach WA - 2009

    Sandsations - Long Beach WA - 2009

    Onlookers and a portion of the Sand Sculpture: Some Assembly Required
  13. A Proud Pretty Dog

    A Proud Pretty Dog

    A canine visitor to the Long Beach WA's Sandsations - Sand Castle Competition - yesterday 7-18-09. If you are interested in more photos of Sandsations or The Sand Flea Pet Parade, you will find two slide shows with a total of 250 shots here:
  14. Shop Cat

    Shop Cat

    Jason Hill pets the shop cat at Mount Rainer Scenic Railroad while on break.
  15. Queen of All

    Queen of All

    This is my cat Jade, she thinks she is queen of the house and lays in my lazy boy all day.
  16. Poor Wolfy, nothing better to do

    Poor Wolfy, nothing better to do

    Wolfy is recovering from knee surgery and can do nothing but watch TV all day.
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