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  1. Mt Rainier - Lenticular Fall Colors

    Mt Rainier - Lenticular Fall Colors

    Mt Rainier and a Lenticular cloud at sunset
  2. Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad - A work in progress

    Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad - A work in progress

    Three exposure HDR image.
  3. climbbike

    A Day at Mt. Rainier

    I've been wanting to shoot wildflowers at Mt. Rainier for years but either my timing has been off, I've been out of town, or I just didn't feel up to braving the summer crowds. This year though, things finally worked out. It's probably another week or so before the flowers peak but there are...
  4. Cloud Shadows

    Cloud Shadows

  5. climbbike

    Tolme Peak (Rainier area) hike

    The wife and I went hiking yesterday up by Mowich Lake. Eunice Lake and Rainier From the Tomlie Peak Lookout Tower; if you look closely you can also see Mowich Lake out in the distance: Was hoping for more flower but on the north side of the mountain, they are just starting . . . Rainier...
  6. Point Robinson Lighthouse

    Point Robinson Lighthouse

    Lighthouse on Vashon Island and Mt Rainier to the east.
  7. Sunset at Mount Rainier

    Sunset at Mount Rainier

    Sunset near Tipsoo Lake, Mount Rainier National Park
  8. Sleeping giant

    Sleeping giant

  9. Sunrise Shadow

    Sunrise Shadow

    A shadow of MT Rainier during sunrise as seen from The Home Course.
  10. climbbike

    Back up at Mt. Rainier again . . .

    I went back up to Mt. Rainier on Saturday. This time I went to the south side. Once again I saw foxes. This time we saw two. This makes three times in a row I've seen foxes near Reflections Lakes now. Here are a few photos. Christine Falls One the way to Bench Lake (Unicorn Peak...
  11. Falls at Mount Rainier

    Falls at Mount Rainier

    Took this shot 13 days after the first photo I loaded..
  12. falls_mount_rainier


    Falls at Mount Rainier
  13. Old Gallery

    Old Gallery

    As we were driving towards Mount Rainier, spotted this building along side of the road. Made my hubby stop so I could get this pic..
  14. Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier

    taken in Graham, Washington
  15. Lenticular Clouds

    Lenticular Clouds

    Taken in Graham Washington.. look at all the tiers!
  16. Grey Jay

    Grey Jay

    Taken in the Mount Rainier National Park
  17. Grey Jay

    Grey Jay

    Taken in the Mount Rainier National Park
  18. Mount Rainier National Park

    Mount Rainier National Park

    Taken at Mount Rainier National Park near the Sunrise Visitor Center
  19. Dark Summit

    Dark Summit

  20. Almost there

    Almost there

    Making our way up to Camp Muir

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