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  1. Marshmallow


    Mt Rainier covered in a fresh dusting of early spring snow
  2. Reflection Lake

    Reflection Lake

    Taken at Reflection Lake on 10-17-10. What a glorious day!!
  3. Up up and away

    Up up and away

    Took this during the Enumclaw Street Fair. They were using the balloon for the duck drop.
  4. Mount Rainier at Sunrise National Park

    Mount Rainier at Sunrise National Park

  5. I Met Bob Just After Shooting This

    I Met Bob Just After Shooting This

  6. Paradise Cascade

    Paradise Cascade

    Paradise River (?) just off the road as we left Paradise.
  7. Fall Creek Falls

    Fall Creek Falls

    Late afternoon on Stevens Canyon Road
  8. Rainier from High Rock Road

    Rainier from High Rock Road

    The south side of Rainier from the road to High Rock Lookout.
  9. Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier

    Took this from HWY 410 the picture doesn't really compensate for the size of the mountain right here. It is as big as life. I love just driving up here to sit and look at the view!
  10. Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier

    This was also taken from the road heading up to Mowich Lake. Just a closure view of the mountain.
  11. Mount Rainier

    Mount Rainier

    This picture was taken from the road going up to Mowich lake. Beautiful day outside. Its one of my favorites.
  12. Rainier Sunset

    Rainier Sunset

    Sunset on Rainier from Area 14, Ft. Lewis.
  13. Cloud Cap

    Cloud Cap

    Saw this cap On Mt. Rainier from Tacoma. Made it out to Area 14 on Ft. Lewis before the clouds broke up.
  14. Dawn Kissed

    Dawn Kissed

    Sunrise at Reflection Lake.
  15. Naches Loop Trail Reward

    Naches Loop Trail Reward

    July wild flowers and unnamed tarn on Naches Loop trail at Chinook Pass.
  16. Myrtle Falls Morning

    Myrtle Falls Morning

    Sunrise in Paradise at Myrtle Falls.
  17. Puyallup Daffodils

    Puyallup Daffodils

    A soon to be harvested field of Daffodils glows in the afternoon sun.
  18. Starlight under Rainier

    Starlight under Rainier

    The Seattle bound Coast Starlight rolls along the Sound. Ironically, the passengers are oblivous to America's most Dangerous Volcano towering above them.
  19. Mt. Rainier tops Cascades

    Mt. Rainier tops Cascades

    A Cascades train is dwarfed by Mt. Rainier
  20. Lenticular Rainer

    Lenticular Rainer

    Chambers Creek Properties, University Place, WA
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