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  1. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf at the Oregon Zoo
  2. WOLF


    WOLF at the oregon zoo
  3. MOVE!


    Caracal at the Oregon zoo
  4. Amur Tiger

    Amur Tiger

    Amur Tiger at the Oregon Zoo
  5. Amur Tiger  at the Oregon Zoo

    Amur Tiger at the Oregon Zoo

    Amur Tiger at the Oregon Zoo
  6. Amur Leopard

    Amur Leopard

    Amur Leopard at the Oregon Zoo!
  7. Bald eagle

    Bald eagle

    Bald eagle at the oregon zoo
  8. Amur Tiger

    Amur Tiger

    Amur Tiger at the Oregon Zoo
  9. showcasefury

    showcasefury's best photos of 2010

    The Boat photo was taken the first time I ever took my camera out of my house. I did not even know how to use it at the time. The zoo pictures were taken the weekend after I got my telephoto lens. I took a trip to the Zoo just to use it. The photos I attached to my introduction thread are also...
  10. Playing Around

    Playing Around

  11. various zoos

    various zoos

    Washington Park Zoo, Seattle
  12. various zoos

    various zoos

    wildlife safari, winston oregon
  13. various zoos

    various zoos

    Wildllife Safari, Winston Oregon
  14. various zoos

    various zoos

    Memphis Zoo tiger.
  15. Flamingos


    Woodland Park Zoo
  16. Leopard


    Woodland Park Zoo
  17. Red Panda

    Red Panda

    Woodland Park Zoo
  18. Komodo dragon

    Komodo dragon

    Woodland Park Zoo
  19. Cleaning


  20. Totem LED

    Totem LED

    Portland Zoo Lights 2009
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