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I finally got images from my last tour of the year online. In this case, it was my September Great Bear Rainforest tour. For those not familiar with the Great Bear, it's a region of coastal British Columbia that is most famous as the primary home of the spirit bear. But there are black bears, grizzlies and loads of other wildlife... combined with some spectacular scenery.

For this tour we live on a boat for a week-and-a-half and cruise around the islands and inlets looking for wildlife. It's a very fun trip.

See the full gallery of 100 new photos from this trip here. A short preview is below.

A chubby black bear heading back to a creek for more salmon.

Juvenile Bald Eagle taking off in the rainforest.

Bonaparte's Gull

A male grizzly bear that went exactly where we asked.

...and then decided to rest for a bit in the water.

American mink

The spirit bear!

See the full Great Bear Rainforest 2019 gallery.

Good photos. I saw a TV show on the Great Bear Rain Forest not too long ago. A white coat would usually be a disadvantage for an animal to survive in the wild. There is a theory that the white coats of spirit bears are an advantage in that they make them more difficult to be seen by salmon under the water
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