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Hope every one is doing well. Pictures were crafted on Fir Island , Skagit. a rare Sunday Morning in Late November with no rain. Lots of fog at sunrise. This young eagle from the the pair I posted a few weeks ago having breakfast and just a few hundred feet from me. Perfect light. I don't obsess about a perfect picture. Here I am pointing my lens thru a void in a chain link fence. From here into sprig are my busiest for filming birds R.J


Bill Anderson

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Keep up the good efforts. Perfection will come over time.

I much prefer action over perfection. I can find perfection in a bird book, but it is hard to find action someone has photographed at a location where I have previously been.
Good to here from you. Just got back this beautiful day from Skagit/Fir Island. Snow Geese still arriving. Swans also, Almost perfect light. As you know, BIF has to be one of the most demanding part of photography. It has taken about a year to move from 7DII ( best camera I have ever used for BIF) To the 5DIV. About 2 steps down in AF compared to the 7DII. Why it took a year? always had crop cameras. Learning to trust pushing the higher limits of the 5D just takes time. And coming the to realization that AI servo just does not work very well. with this camera . Every other aspect of this camera is great. Single shot AF, with the four helper AF points and bang away BIF. Love It R.J


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