Trying to See the World In Black and White

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Bill Anderson

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Shouldn't be hard for those of us who grew up watching TV in black & white in the 50's. My parents didn't get a color TV until the 70's.

Bill Anderson

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I read your article. It is very interesting and I hope others read it as well. My wildlife shots are primarily to document behavior with minimal post processing. What few "artistic" shots I try to take are created in the field with the camera rather than at home with the computer.

Some moods are best captured in black & white. I have yet to met anyone who prefers the colorized version of Casablanca over the original B & W.


Thanks Bill. I enjoy playing with abstracts behind the lens, both in terms of composition and the occasional purposeful blur (I will share an example in my next Yellowstone post related to this trip). It can be fun seeing the results of experimentation in the field.



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Wonderful photography, well done!

Sorry, not quite sure which forum category was most appropriate for this...
Well, first of all, I totally agree with your choice. Secondly, don't worry about it. The categories are general, and only intended to help people find content when they browse the forum. Many post could easily fit in more than one. Pick the main theme and go with that. For example, while this is wildlife photography, the main focus (groan) was using black and white for an artistic effect. So your choice was spot on.

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