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  1. Empire Builder

    Empire Builder

    Arriving in Wishram, WA
  2. AMTK 9 (Train 11)

    AMTK 9 (Train 11)

    The Coast Starlight arriving in Salem, OR
  3. Southound Cascades

    Southound Cascades

    Arriving in Salem, OR.
  4. AMTK 201 & 510

    AMTK 201 & 510

    Leading the southbound Coast Starlight with the last two Pacific Parlour Cars in the consist.
  5. BNSF Leading the Coast Starlight

    BNSF Leading the Coast Starlight

    BNSF 4357 leading Amtrak train 11 (Southbound Coast Starlight) into Salem, OR. 19 Jul 2017.
  6. Southbound Cascades

    Southbound Cascades

    Amtrak Cascades heading away from the camera at Ridgefield South.
  7. Coast Starlight

    Coast Starlight

    Train 11 approaching the platform in Salem, OR.
  8. Seahawk Cabbage

    Seahawk Cabbage

    The Seahawk cab car leading a southbound Cascades in Salem.
  9. Coast Starlight

    Coast Starlight

    Northbound Coast Starlight at Dunning Rd near Oakridge, OR.
  10. Northbound Cascades

    Northbound Cascades

    The Cascades Talgo train leaving Salem headed for Portland.
  11. Station Stop

    Station Stop

    The southbound Coast Starlight arriving in Salem. September 2014.
  12. Man in Black

    Man in Black

    A self-portrait in the glass door at of the Amtrak station Havre Montana station stop Amtrak #8 Empire Builder.
  13. Arrival


    The southbound Coast Starlight arriving in Albany, OR
  14. Starlight under Rainier

    Starlight under Rainier

    The Seattle bound Coast Starlight rolls along the Sound. Ironically, the passengers are oblivous to America's most Dangerous Volcano towering above them.
  15. Mt. Rainier tops Cascades

    Mt. Rainier tops Cascades

    A Cascades train is dwarfed by Mt. Rainier
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